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5 common tips to grow your business efficiently in 2019

Aug 31, 2019

Business owners understand it well enough that they should constantly develop and evolve new strategies to improve sales performance and stimulate business growth. Even the most successful businessmen continue to search for new opportunities to skyrocket their business in the industry. Therefore, be it a big or small company, anyone should take corresponding measures to scale their business to another level on the staircase of constant growth. Hence, the workable strategy of your business should definitely include these tips to go ahead.


1. Content Marketing

Nowadays you won’t catch attention by bombarding your customers with irrelevant ads. People today search for helpful and informative content and as the head of your business you can achieve it only through proper content marketing. First of all, take care that your business website had a Blog section. It will make you look more professional and will provide interesting information for the interested audience. The most interesting and informative articles about your products and services will be published here to gain more attention and to sound prolific. Another useful content marketing tactic is sharing content. Even the most superb content that is in your blog won’t find its readers more quickly without being shared on social media. Share your awesome content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. The higher the quality of your content, the higher chances of getting shared by other people. 


With the everyday development of content marketing, it has evolved and has obtained more sectors including video content. Currently, video content is considered as one of the most influential marketing strategies. Video content is a powerful tool for your business growth and the statistics prove it again and again. According to the statistics on  Hubspot almost 54% of people want to see more video content and that’s a serious number.  Video content is easy to absorb and analyze, it’s visually effective and memorable, so customers prefer to watch once than read over and over.

Due to the usage of relevant content marketing you will gain trust among your customers which is the fundament of your business. Trusting leads buying and buying is the backbone of enhanced growth. Furthermore, you will make your brand or company more visible to larger segments of people via shared content. And finally well-done content marketing provides better ROI than traditional advertising. Added, you have to pay a considerably low amount for content marketing, than for displayed ads. Thus, it becomes obvious that thanks to the use of content marketing you will definitely see light at the end of the tunnel. 


2. SEO

The long chain of business growth strategies includes SEO (search engine optimization) as the second essential point in marketing. The wheel of your business is the SEO strategies you use. In order to stay competitive, to reach your target audience, achieve brand awareness and obtain long-lasting results, you should have good SEO in place. For those business owners who don’t have enough budget for hiring SEO specialists, or are inclined to do it by their own efforts, here are several simple tips to keep their website SEO-friendly:

  • Use keywords: The first step in SEO is finding relevant keywords in your niche. You can find it when creating Google Search Console and with Google Keyword Planner. 

  • Use good meta descriptions: The future reading of your content mostly depends on your meta description. That’s the short text that appears during the search query. You should providea catchy and informative meta description within 160 characters to evoke interest in your audience.

  • Use updated and fresh content, images, videos: Only fresh and informative content, be it a text, image or video can be a soil for your keywords. In case your content doesn’t provide value, keyword implementation will be in vain.


3. SMS marketing

Another workable strategy that will positively affect your business growth is SMS marketing. Except for being cost-effective and highly readable, text message marketing does more than any other newborn marketing strategy. The benefits of bulk texting are numerous:

  • It’s affordable even for small businesses

  • It has 8 times higher open rates than email marketing

  • It doesn’t require specific devices 

  • It doesn’t have time and space limitation

Thus, cracking the e-commerce world via text message marketing is one of the widespread, effective and affordable methods for your business to grow better and obtain customer engagement quickly compared to other strategies.

Having all these strategies properly done is good for your business. However, you will find them useless in the end, if you fail to check their effectiveness by data analyzing.


4. Deep analyzing

As it was mentioned at the beginning of this article, the business growth of your company highly depends on the updated approaches and new looks to the industry. In order to stay up-to-date and be able to plan the future course of your actions, you should do data analyzing. Due to the strategic data analysis companies acquire a lot of necessary information regarding expenses, areas that need improvement, and the most crucial one, it enables them to check the results of marketing campaigns. With the help of deep data analysis you can find relevant information about campaign results and act accordingly to gain better results. Otherwise, you won’t have a comprehensive understanding about the effectiveness of your campaign efforts.


5. Strategy review

Afterwards, when all the above-mentioned strategies have achieved their mission, it remains to do a strategy review to have a thorough idea which sections of marketing need improvement. Consequently, you should take into account the significance of doing strategy updating on a monthly basis. You will do one step forward to your business growth if you have a vivid idea which marketing section needs to be refined. To understand it you should review and update your analysed final results each month.


Summarising, we should state that these simple, yet powerful marketing strategies don’t lose their effectiveness during time. The bright example of the said is bulk texting, which is the oldest one and dates back to a few decades. Evergreen content is another cornerstone of any business and you will gain more if you opt for content marketing instead of display ads that cost more. Additionally, there comes SEO that seasons the content of your website making it optimized. 
After that analyzing and finding out the drawbacks of your marketing campaigns and identifying the specific marketing section that requires improvement you will drastically change the landscape of your business growth.


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