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5 Mobile Marketing Tricks That Drive Leads and Sales

Jul 9, 2019

In order for your business to have consistent growth, you should ensure the implementation of well-thought marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts will serve the right purpose only when you adapt them to the technology advancements. 

A similar adaptation is having your business go mobile. Pretty much everyone in the world owns a mobile phone, not to speak of the fact that people hardly ever go out of the house without their mobiles. Besides, they check their phones hundreds of times during the day which makes it one of the most effective ways of communicating with them. 

Here are a some facts and reasons that will prove the importance of investing in mobile marketing and boosting its efficiency for your business: 

  • Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% as opposed to the average desktop conversion rates. 

  • Mobile marketing reaches a much wider audience. There are surely more people without desktop computers or laptops than those without mobiles. The latter are smaller, cheaper, and more portable which has made them one of the best ways not only for daily communication but also for carrying out a number of different tasks and activities (making orders, reservations, bookings, etc.). Thus, using mobile marketing strategies you can be sure about reaching a broader market.

  • Besides, mobile marketing is more personal which makes you get closer to your customers, with their permission, of course. And if your customers opt into your, say, SMS marketing campaigns, you can be sure that they are actually interested in your product or service. 

There is much more to this list, but in the purpose of making the article more efficient for you, we’ll stop here and pass on to the description of more practical tips on how to optimize your mobile marketing. 

Here is a list of 5 mobile marketing tricks that will boost your brand recognition and trust, gain you more customers and increase your revenue: 


1. Become Mobile-Friendly

Making your website mobile-friendly with a responsive design is of crucial importance. People who visit your site on their mobiles and find it difficult to navigate or see it all messed up will immediately leave. Here are more reasons why it’s important to make your site compatible with all kinds of mobile devices: 

  • Google Likes Mobile-Friendly Websites: Google gives a priority to mobile-friendly websites over the ones that don’t appear in mobile search results. Mobile-optimized sites rank better than those that are not compatible with mobile phones. 

  • Easiness and Speed: People, especially the millennials always prefer easiness and speed in all the services offered to them which is what mobile phones come with. If your website isn’t compatible with mobile phones, expect a loss of customers soon. 
  • Building Credibility: Your customers will appreciate the fact that they are able to use your website as easily via mobile phone as they do on a desktop computer. This way you’ll be regarded as a trustworthy source of information. 
  • Increase in Your Customer Base: As already mentioned, with mobile marketing, you reach a wider audience. People who only use mobiles only or primarily will be one of the best additions to your company. 
  • Better User Experience: Being mobile-friendly, you’ll get to have a larger number of happy customers than you used to. Don’t force your customers to access your website only from the web (which is not available to them constantly). Besides, most customers won’t even care to have the trouble of coming to your website again after the poor experience from a mobile phone. 
  • Improved Reputation: People always choose the service that gives them the best service and the highest quality experience. They’ll also refer you to others. So, why not invest a little in making your website mobile-friendly if it’s going to be so rewarding?

Use responsive design, make your website compatible with all mobile devices and enjoy the soon-to-come payback.


2. Cold Calls

One of the most popular mobile marketing tricks is cold calling which implies calling your potential customers with whom you have had no interaction before and offering them your services or products. Though cold calling can sometimes be a challenging task because you might be irritating people during their busy routine, you can still give it a go. Here are a few tips to help you improve your cold calls: 

  1. First of all, know the people you’re calling because you should explain to them why you are calling them in the first place. Carry out a survey and gather some data about them and their interests. Don’t just call random people out of the blue. 

  2. Be genuine, respectful and start by talking about the person you’ve called and then pass on to telling them about the way you can help. 

  3. Have a dedicated time every day for cold-calling. 

  4. Don’t forget to leave short voicemail messages.

  5. Place your calls at reasonable times when people are most likely to answer and listen to you. 

  6. Monday mornings and Friday afternoons are said to be the worst times for cold calls. 

  7. Days such as semi-holidays and bad weather days will get you a higher response rate. 

  8. Believe in yourself, be confident and professional. 

Take the challenge and make your cold calls as efficient as possible!


3. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most effective marketing strategies out there which enables you to contact your customers in the fastest, easiest and what’s more important, most personal way. 
Creating quality text messaging campaigns that are relevant to your customers and are within the frames of their interests will surely boost your business and increase your loyal customer base. 

There are a number of benefits to mass texting for your business: 

  • SMS marketing has a really high open rate (98%), so you can be sure that your text messages will be opened and read by your customers within the first 15 minutes of their delivery. 

  • 45% of text message marketing campaigns bring a highly successful ROI which is surely an outstanding number. 

  • Your customers don’t need an Internet connection to read your text messages. This means that even when your customers are in a place with poor or no Internet connection, they’ll still be able to receive and read your messages. 

  • And last but not least, SMS marketing is highly affordable, even for small businesses. Besides, it’s utterly simple to carry out and all you need to do is improve on an already existing strategy. 

Be sure that SMS marketing is worth your investment - it keeps increasing in relevancy together with the development of mobile technologies.


4. MMS marketing

MMS marketing is no less effective and important for your company than SMS marketing. People are visual creatures and they’ll appreciate a nicely designed offer sent to them that also corresponds to their interests.
Here are a few reasons why you should consider implementing MMS marketing campaigns into your general marketing strategies: 

  1. Multimedia messaging doesn’t have character limitations. Moreover, you can send both images and videos through MMS. 

  2. Multimedia message marketing has proven to have quite a high shareability rate as it’s more engaging, eye-catching and interesting. Visual and relevant MMS messages will grab the attention of your customers instantly. 

  3. Multimedia messaging also allows you to provide your customers with rich multimedia experience. Videos, for example, have a huge effect on people, especially if you make them the right way with correct design and quality. A 30-second video will surely engage your audience and make them interested in your product. 

Make the best use of the advantages and benefits that MMS marketing campaigns come with and you’ll see a rise in your loyal customer base. 


5. Strategy Analysis and Updates

Keep an eye on all the changes in the sphere of mobile marketing so as not to fall behind any new technology. Analyze your marketing strategies, update them consistently and make any necessary changes and improvements. Make your campaigns more personalized and well-thought in order to show that you care about your customers and their interests.  Research your audience, keep track of their activities, changes in their interests and of course, of what they like or dislike about your product or service. If possible, make all the necessary changes to meet all their expectations. 

These quick tips and tricks will highly boost the efficiency of your mobile marketing strategies and drive new leads and sales to your business. Don’t look down upon the significance of going mobile - it can even appear to be the best marketing strategy for your business. Make the most out of your marketing strategies and take the development of your business to the next level!


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