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5 Text Messaging Tips You Should Know

Feb 20, 2019

Customers satisfaction rate is the most important success criteria for all businesses because any business would cease to exist if it fails to satisfy its customers. Text marketing is a great way to spice up your marketing efforts and create more effective ways to connect to your audience. You can increase customer loyalty and retain your clients using texting campaigns. There are common text messaging tips following which you will increase the effectiveness of your text message services. Keep reading to learn about the top 5 of the most common text marketing tips.


1. Target Your Audience

Segmentation and targeting are two basic steps which all businesses have to go through. First, the business finds out what are the types of potential customers out there. This process is referred to as segmentation. Once you find out the wants and needs of all the segments, you should decide on the segment(s) which you want to concentrate on. In other words, you choose your target segments and start attracting your potential customers.

It’s extremely important to have an audience that has a pure interest in your product and to whom you present value. In text marketing, you need to stick to this method. Text messaging services still give you the opportunity to target your audience in a more personalized approach. You should divide your subscribers into target groups based on their gender, age or other features and send them customized message campaigns. Of course, you can’t create a personal message to each and every customer, however, if you divide people into groups based on their preferences, you’ll still be able to reach some degree of customization.


2. Get Permission to Send Messages

It’s essential that you get explicit permission from the person before you add them to your subscription list of text marketing campaigns. There are two important reasons for this. Firstly, if you send people a message without their permission, you will seriously disrupt your reputation. People will be annoyed by your messages and will think that you’re a spammer. The second reason is even more serious. Sending messages without the person’s permission is an illegal act that can be followed by serious legal issues. Being annoying to people is one thing, but getting involved in illegal problems will completely destroy the reputation of your business.

Make the opt-in process for your business easy and clear to follow. People won’t be motivated to subscribe to your text messaging services if the process is too complicated.


3. Work with a Reliable SMS Service Provider

Working with a reliable and trustworthy SMS service provider can save you lots of time and money. A good company means great features, reliable service, easy to follow user interface and superior quality. All companies try to differentiate themselves through the features and services they offer. Here are some key features that a reliable text service providing company should have:

  • Message Scheduling - having the ability to schedule a single text message or mass group text messages in advance is a great feature that will help you to plan all your messages and send the messages during the best time.

  • Mass Group Texting - sending bulk messages must be a super simple process for you that takes only seconds. For that, choose a company which has a great user interface that makes sending messages as easy as clicking one button.

  • Supersize Message Length - this is a great feature that not many companies have. The standard length of a text message is 160 characters. However, there are companies like Textedly that offer you the ability to send text messages with over 300 characters.


4. Keep Text Messages Concise and Brief

Since you are limited by the character length of the message, you have to make sure that the text you create covers all the information very briefly. You don’t want to overload the message with useless or irrelevant information. Creating a message that is short, but catchy is an art which you need to practice. If you want to use SMS marketing to increase communication with customers then you need to have message campaigns that are super engaging and fun. Also, you need to manage to fit all the important details and information in your messages. For example, you don’t want to leave your message open-ended. When you announce about a specific deal or sale, you need to include all the info about the event, such as when it starts and how long it will last. You should also include CTAs in your messages to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and boost the sales.


5. Get Feedback for Improving the Campaigns

What’s the point of your marketing efforts if you don’t collect feedback from customers to find out how you’re actually doing? Keeping up with the customers’ opinions and reviews is essential for the successful future and prosperity of your company. You need to use text messaging services to connect to the customers and collect feedback. SMS is a great channel to get people to fill in a survey and collect feedbacks. Collecting reviews and feedbacks via SMS is great because:

  • You’ll collect info very fast.

  • You’ll learn the weaknesses of your business which you should fix or improve.

  • You’ll also find out your advantages over others and establish a competitive edge.

  • You’ll improve your brand image and reputation by earning their trust, and increase communication with customers.

We’ve introduced the best SMS marketing tips that will guide your texting journey and help you increase the satisfaction rate of your customers. In 2018 only, 15.2 million text messages were sent every minute. SMS platform is a powerful channel to improve your communication with customers and grow your business, so start leveraging the power of text messaging today!