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5 Ways to Create the Best Customer Service Experience

Jun 25, 2019

Good customer experience is of the utmost importance for any business because it brings new customers to you and creates a loyal customer base. If you fail to provide quality customer service to your clients then you can expect huge financial and other losses. In order to avoid such and other problems, it’s always good to make sure your company meets the needs and requirements of the customers properly.

To prove you the importance of good customer service experience, here are a few reasons why it actually matters so much: 

  • It’s Better to Retain than to Acquire: It’s no news that customer retention is much cheaper than customer acquisition. A simple example can prove this statement: an increase in customer retention by 5% equals a profit rise of about 25%. The secret behind this is that repeat customers are inclined to spend more with your brand than those who are just getting to know you. So, one of the main ways for customer retention is the provision of good customer service. 

  • Your Customer Service is Your Company Image, Mission and Values: How else can your customers know your brand and understand it if not via the service you provide them with? Your customer support team is responsible for representing your company to your clients (beyond your social media presence, ads, content and other external means of marketing). 

  • Satisfied Customers Will Refer Others: When your customers get what they want in terms of the highest standards of the product or service your business offers, they will surely bring new people. Most people choose brands and businesses based on the experience of others. Providing great customer experience, you’re indirectly enlarging your customer base.

  • Increased Loyalty: Customers satisfied with your products and services are more likely to stick around with you longer because they simply have no reason to go for another brand. It’s not only about the high-quality product and its innovative and exciting features (your competitors can do it too), it’s also about providing positive customer service experience. Train your support team to be the best communicators and aide for your customers. 

Now you’re probably wondering about the ways you can boost your customer service and provide your clients with great customer experience. If this is the case then keep reading to find about some great strategies that will help you improve your customer service.


5 Strategies to Give Your Customers Awesome Experience

There are a number of different ways that can help in the improvement of your customer service and eventually, customer experience. We have singled out 5 of the main and most effective strategies for boosting the customer service experience of your business:

1. Meet Your Customers’ Expectations

It goes without saying that you should do everything to meet the needs and requirements of your customers. You can draw a simple customer service plan in order to always be focused on being customer-oriented. 

The plan can include all the common requirements of your customers from your business. Afterwards, think of some of the best ways that would improve your customer service and be great solutions in different situations. 

Here are a few tips that will help you meet your customers’ expectations to the most:

  • Create a special policy for refunds and complaint resolving

  • Have discounts on different services

  • Think of a few ways on how to deal with difficult customers

  • Set a few customer guarantees

Improve your customer service, become more customer-oriented and give your customers the most positive experience out there. This will surely increase your sales and the amount of your customer base.

2. Enhance a Customer Service Strategy

Customer service should be incorporated into your business goals. This said it’s important to create and enhance a special customer service strategy. The latter will be the building block of a solid service culture.

Below are a few steps that will lead to the creation of a well-thought customer service strategy:

  • Create a customer service vision which implies communicating your customer service vision to your employees.

  • Assess the needs of your customers in order not to lose resources on creating products that your customers don’t need. Talk to your clients to find out more about their expectations.

  • Set short-term goals for your customer service and make sure your team works hard on fulfilling them. An example of a goal is telling your employees that they should answer customer calls within a specific amount of time. 

  • Reward your employees if they manage to deliver the best customer service and to leave your clients satisfied.


3. Strengthen SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing is one of the best and fastest ways of keeping in touch with your customers. If you organize your campaigns wisely, your customers will surely be happy to receive relevant text messages about your products and services. 

It’s no news that texting is a very personal way of communication between people and if your customers have permitted you to send them messages then they are actually interested in your services. Use this chance cleverly. 

Send targeted text messages and treat your customers individually. They’ll surely appreciate that. Personalized messages based on your customers’ demographic factors, tastes and behaviour will prevent you from sending annoying and irrelevant texts to people who aren’t interested in them. 

Enable your customers to send you text messages if they have any questions regarding the usage of your service or product. Being a quick way of communication, mass texting will surely reduce the amount of time that takes a customer to resolve an issue leaving him/her satisfied. Make the most of SMS marketing and learn how to develop your business by using its benefits.

4. Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Customers love simplicity and ease in everything. If first-time customers can’t find the information they need on your website easily, they are highly likely to leave you. 

This is why it’s important to have a user-friendly and easy-to-understand website where the most important information is right at hand. 

We have made a short list of the most important factors that’ll make your website more user-friendly: 

  • Build a simple navigation scheme, make the menu bars instantly visible, remove acronyms and have a search box. 

  • Make the information readable - don’t write too long paragraphs and ensure that the colors are eye-catching. 

  • Keep in mind to make sure that your website loads quickly. Customers don’t wait!

  • A very important point is making your website mobile-friendly.

  • Display your social media icons.

  • Have clear and attractive call-to-action. 

And last but not least, have a live chat where your support team answers your customers in a matter of seconds.


5. Give Your Customers a Chance to Provide Feedback

Let your customers review your product or service on your website, social media and other platforms. If you’re keeping things on high standards, they’ll leave positive feedback this way increasing the number of potential customers interested in what your company offers. People choose brands according to the experience of the companies’ past clients. Make sure to keep all your clients satisfied as they are the source of more customers in the future. 

An easy way to ask your customers to leave feedback on your company services and products is by inserting a link in a relevant text message. This will be a way of showing that you care about their experience and want to know more about what they like or dislike for further improvements. 

Don’t overlook the importance of customer service experience, encourage your support team to be as responsive and caring as possible and boost your sales by implementing the right customer service strategies!

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