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5 Ways To Maintain Communication with Loyal Customers

Feb 7, 2019

Getting customers is always hard, but maintaining a relationship with them is even harder. All business owners know how much effort and work requires building a good customer relationship and loyalty. But why having loyal customers is important for your business? It’s true that it can be much easier attracting one-time customers to your business, however, it won’t bring any real value to your business. A loyal customer, on the other hand, is the most valuable asset of any business. It’s important to acquire new customers, but retention of customers will accelerate your business’s growth and sales. Mass texting can help you with customer retention via keeping communication with customers and building loyalty. In fact, achieving customer loyalty with text messaging is something that is implemented by many successful businesses. In this blog post, we will list the top 5 ways you can maintain customer loyalty with text messaging.


   1. Listen To Your Customers

Building customer loyalty, first of all, means maintaining a relationship between you and the customer. Loyalty is not a target or goal which you just achieve and stop, but it’s an ongoing process which must constantly be active. When you achieve loyalty from your customer, you have to put an extra effort into keeping them loyal. So first and foremost, you need to constantly listen to them to understand all their demands and requests. That said, you need to reach out to them and enable them to reach out to you whenever they need to. SMS marketing platform offers a great way of keeping the connection between you ongoing. Use texting service to get to the customer and collect their feedback, encourage them to always share their concerns, as well as the good things about your brand. You want to know both your weaknesses and strengths because they both play a crucial role in the further development of your business.


   2. Meet Customer Needs

When you encourage your loyal customers to share their demands and concerns, next step, you have to make all of that happen. Loyal customers appreciate that you listen to them and want to enhance your products or services based on their wishes. However, loyalty won’t last if you don’t act. Make sure to always get back to them and share all the developments and enhancements you’ve implemented considering their feedback. That’s what is valued the most in this process. Satisfaction is what lies in the base of customer loyalty. Send them a message offering them an enhanced product or service that has disappointed them. And don’t forget to give them a special promo code with a free shipping or an extra discount for the first purchase.


   3. Keep Contact with Customers on a Regular Basis

Keeping communication with customers is not limited to collecting feedbacks only. The main idea behind interactions is to create a feeling of trust and comfort. You want your customers to perceive your business not as a good product or service, but rather as a friend, who cares about them and wants to make them happy. Most successful businesses had gone through a long journey of creating a brand image that would be perceived by their customers as a trustworthy, friendly and caring. Bulk message services are a great tool in the hands of a business to keep in touch and create the perception to which you are aiming for. Here’s how you can keep interaction with customers via SMS marketing showing a personalized approach:

  • Birthday promotions - wish your loyal customers a very happy birthday and send them a special promo code exclusively available to them for their birthday.

  • Thank you promos - send your active users a coupon code from time to time to express your gratitude that they are so loyal to you. Did they spend a specific amount of money on your website/in your store? Did they leave you a valuable feedback? All of these are great examples of when you can send a thank you note.

  • Special events - a launch of a new product, a special discount in your store, or time-sensitive offers are all special events that you want your loyal customers to know about and be engaged. Text messaging is a great communication source that helps keep in touch with customers to update them on the latest news.

   4. Don’t Be Generic


It’s not easy to be creative when using bulk message services because you can’t personalize each of your texts to one customer. However, it does not mean that you need to be too generic and send robotic messages. You can still achieve some level of customization with SMS marketing. When you build your SMS subscribers’ list, you shouldn’t include every subscriber into the same category. But rather you need to create several subscriber lists based on the target group they belong too. Thereby, your loyal customers should belong to a special list of subscribers, and that way, you’ll be able to customize your messages. Your loyal customers don’t want to get generic messages, they always want to be valued more and receive special care. Creating a special SMS strategy is what will help you sustain customer loyalty with text messaging.


   5. Be Honest and Sustain Your Brand Image

Customers can easily spot a fake and trustless business. Your brand image and brand perception must be perfectly sustained if you want your loyal customers, and your business in general, to last. The way you interact, collect feedback and answer this feedback can either support your brand trustworthiness or completely disrupt it. Being genuine with customers will build a long and successful road for your business and help maintain a loyal relationship with customers. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and don’t offer solutions that are unrealistic. SMS services will be effective if your work with a good text messaging company, however, if your business is unable to sustain its brand image, no marketing tool will guarantee your business a long life of success.

SMS marketing is super easy, fast and effective, compared to other marketing channels. And it is quite very affordable too. You can easily retain customers and build a loyal relationship without spending a lot of money, all with the help of SMS marketing. At Textedly, we offer you a free demo you can start using right now to get convinced how easy and effective texting services are.


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