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Feb 7, 2018

6 Reasons to Use Text Message Marketing for Small Businesses on a Budget

There are two things that make SMS marketing so wildly effective – bulk and keyword. If you’re trying to build a promotional strategy around them, you should know that an average SMS marketing platform charges for both a fixed amount of text messages you can send and a limited amount of keywords for each. Even then, this type of mobile advertising is one of the least expensive on the list.

Then again, there are SMS marketing platforms that offer their services for free.

With Textedly’s Starter Package, for instance, you can send your first 300 messages and 1 custom keyword without spending a single buck.

Text message marketing has by far the best click-through rate of any other marketing medium. In terms of your ROI, that means a lot. Consider the amount of people with a mobile phone in their pocket – even if your eliminate those who don’t use it for going online, that still leaves you with the largest lead pool.

In 2018, the number of mobile phone users has grown to a whopping 4.93 billion!

When to that you add the fact that 95 out of 100 people open and read a text message in the first 3 minutes upon its arrival, you’ve got yourself an unexploited treasure trove of marketing opportunities.

In case you’re still wondering how to market your business and increase sales on a budget, we’ve got a couple of provenly effective ideas.



1. An Integrated Mobile Experience

SMS is a mobile medium, which means that it comes hand in hand with mobile apps and online messengers. The key to a successful and cost-effective text message marketing  campaign is therefore in an integrated approach that combines promotional SMS messages with push notifications.

In practice, it works like this:

You tap into your well-segmented base of subscribers and decide the most effective mobile channel for every group. Those who already use your mobile app will receive an app push, while those who interact with your company via Messenger will receive a Messenger push.

Everyone else, including those from the first two groups who don’t click through push notifications, will receive an SMS.

That way, you’re being absolutely certain that your message is received, while simultaneously leveraging mobile channels that are, unlike SMS, entirely free of cost.


 2. It’s All about That Base

Of course, if you were to send an SMS to every person in your subscription base, you would inevitably miss a handful of targets, and lose both your time and money in return. That’s why you need to keep your subscription base updated at all times. Track your progress, and eliminate every opt-out.


3. Super-Segmentation

When you remain focused on your subtraction base, you’re able to kill two birds with one stone – to eliminate opt-outs, and thus save the money you would otherwise waste on people who are not interested in your offer, and to create the most engaging keywords for each segment of the audience.

Audience segmentation is of crucial importance for anyone who wants to increase sales through targeted SMS marketing. Not only does thorough analysis tell you everything about the needs, preferences, and behaviour of your potential customers, but it also tells you whether or not they want to receive promotional messages through SMS at all. To attract the audience, you must understand it.




4. Clicking Through

Of course, a properly segmented subscription base won’t make any difference if the content of your SMS message does not tug at the readers’ heart. For this specific type of marketing campaign, relevancy and engagement are of crucial importance – with SMS being a personal channel, the least you can do is be respectful of your audiences’ time. Only then will they be interested in clicking the SMS through.


 5. The Importance of Being Short and Sweet

Because SMS text messages are limited by word count, you’ll need to find a way to convey your value proposition very succinctly, and to wrap it up in a nice little package that sparks interest. Whether you’re trying to market your business, increase sales, retarget your old customers, or acquire and convert new ones, opt for a personal tone and a conversational flow. Make content short, but sweet.



6. Urgency: SMS’s Best Friend

Since 95 out of 100 people will open an SMS in the first 3 minutes upon its arrival, this kind of marketing campaign is ideal for creating a sense of urgency as well. If you’re sending discount coupons, don’t make them last for a very long time. That way, a limitation date may serve as an effective CTA.

Also, be very smart about when you’re sending your SMS blasts. If you’re organizing a promotional event on Friday, send an email a week before, and an SMS text message on Thursday night. The SMS will then serve as a reminder, and put some psychological pressure on the recipient at the same time.

And, that’s pretty much it. SMS marketing is a technique of choice for so many growing companies not only because it’s cost-effective, but also because it doesn’t require much effort and time on your part. Be creative with your content, and choose the best SMS marketing platform to automate it all.