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Jul 16, 2018

6 Reasons Why Your Beauty Salon and Spa Need SMS Marketing

Beauty salon text messages help spa owners satisfy their customers’ needs and simultaneously grow revenue.  Customers appreciate a polite reminder of a hair appointment. With a higher open rate than email, SMS give off a sense of urgency. On the other hand, you as a salon and spa manager, get to weed out no-shows with killer text message templates.

Here are 6 reasons why SMS marketing is the key type in your marketing strategy;


1. SMS Open Rates Trump Email by 78%

Email maintains an open rate of only 20%. For anything more than that, a marketer needs a killer team of at least one content writer, a designer, and a branding specialist, not to mention audience targeting, super-segmentation, and snazzy CTAs. SMS, on the other hand, boasts an open rate of a mighty 98%.

The reason for this is fairly obvious – 99,9% of your customers pack some kind of a smartphone, which is the first thing they check in the morning, and the last thing they see before closing their eyes at night. And, let’s not forget, SMS marketing doesn’t need a smartphone at all; any plain old mobile device is enough.

But SMS is unique for one reason more. Unlike online communication channels, text messaging is very, very personal. If someone sends you a text, you presume that the matter is important and urgent. There’s no seen function, so there’s no harm in checking it either. It’s simple, elegant, and convenient.


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2. SMS Texting Can Weed Out No-Shows

In beauty salons and spas, SMS text messaging is the only marketing device that can weed out growth-impairing no-shows. With some assistance from automation, beauty salons can schedule SMS reminders for a day or two prior to the initial appointment, and let the customer confirm their arrival.

Again, an SMS text is seen and opened in an instant, while emails and social media messages can remain ignored for weeks. Simply send a reminder the day before, and include options for confirming, canceling, and rescheduling. If a customer turns out to be a no-show, you’ll have time to replace them.

The best SMS text messaging services come with comprehensive analytical features for your unique code and keyword, which means that you’ll be able to track your no-shows in real time, just as well as individual customer interaction histories. That way, you’ll be able to stay on top of every appointment.



3. Texts Can Be a Brilliant Marketing Tool

To recap, SMS text messages are fast and impossible to ignore. This makes them a brilliant marketing tool, the one that conveys your message directly to your audience. Sure, email is just as direct, but here’s the difference: with or without smartphones and internet connection, SMS arrives everywhere.

Of course, this only applies to your existing customers and prospects who’ve subscribed to your SMS campaign because they are interested in your beauty salon and spa services. When it comes to lead acquisition, SMS marketing must be combined with other channels to attract new customers.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’ve got an empty spot in your schedule and only a couple of hours to fill it in. Just take your code and keyword, take a snap of your salon, apply a sun-kissed filter, and post it on Insta Stories together with a caption that says: “Only one spot left. Text BEAUTIFUL to 33222.”


4. SMS Messages Instil a Sense of Urgency

You’ll start earning new subscribers in no time, simply because SMS text messaging instills a sense of urgency, which is why this technique blends perfectly with Instagram Stories. In the world soaked in consumerism, urgency equals exclusivity, and both are marvelous tools for creating marketing hype.

In any industry, and beauty salons and spas are no exception, SMS marketing is great for campaigns that are based on exclusive coupons, discounts, and contests. Just think about it. The SMS base might be smaller than a social media following, but it includes no one except loyal customers and hot leads.  

It follows that every SMS message is an effective CTA by itself, which doesn’t just make it ideal for nurturing and retaining, but also for retargeting and incentivizing customers. Exclusive offers and discounts go hand in hand with text messaging, and arrive precisely when and where they need to. 


5. Texts Can Personalize B2C Relationships

Along with exclusive offers and discounts, SMS marketing can also be used for promoting beauty salon and spa events. Since a loyal customer is one step away from becoming a brand ambassador, they simply must be invited to in-house events like product launches, beauty lectures, and fundraisers.

This is where SMS reminders come in handy once again. Automatic blasts can be sent to the entire audience segments at once, notifying them of the occasion, time, and place. It’s a nice opportunity to personalize B2C relationships and express your gratitude and care for your most devoted customers.

Another way to personalize their experiences with SMS marketing is with weekly texts that resemble email newsletters. For every audience segment (be they nail enthusiasts, tanning buffs, or regular spa visitors), prepare relevant beauty care tips with their names on it and text them every week or month.


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6. SMS Campaigns Are Refreshingly Cheap

In comparison to other marketing techniques, SMS text messaging is refreshingly inexpensive. With the best SMS marketing automation services, you’ll receive a comprehensive suite of tools and industry practices that include mass group texting, seamless subscriptions, and automatic text replies.

At Textedly, we offer a number of great features more. Apart from calendars that sync with customer databases and allow intuitive scheduling of text messages, we also boast a supersized message length (over 300 characters in comparison to the standard 160), analytics, and an unlimited number of subscribers.


So don’t delay, start texting your customers today. SMS marketing guarantees an impressive open rate, which then guarantees sturdy customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. And, in the context of a fiercely competitive market that beauty salons and spas belong to, all three are essential. 

Would you like to learn more about how SMS Marketing can help grow your beauty salon and spa? Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our super-duper awesome team on 1-855-600-6001.