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Dec 15, 2018

6 SMS Tips You’ll Want to Know About This Year

SMS marketing is a growing marketing trend that more businesses start using. The SMS marketing platform has been very popular for small and medium-sized businesses during the past couple of years. The effectiveness of this platform is at its peak and you most definitely want to get an advantage of this. The year 2018 was a huge success for the SMS marketing platform, and the upcoming year is full of even more promising advancement.

Textedly has gathered the best marketing tips this year for your SMS campaign optimization. In this blog post, we reveal the most effective SMS marketing trends to improve your texting services and enlarge your list of subscribers.

Clear CTAs

The most important thing you always want from your customers is to increase their engagement with your SMS campaigns. Calls-to-action are a must for your text marketing if you aim to improve the engagement rates. Here are some CTA examples for text messages:

  • “Buy now” - this CTA works best for a targeted sale. If you know that the person buys the product on regular basis, you can send them a “buy now” CTA redirecting them to that exact sale page. You want to create a better experience for them, so make sure that this CTA takes to a specific sales page and not to some generic page.

  • “Show this text in-store” - this is one of the most powerful CTAs for instant engagement. Send your subscribers promo codes telling them to show the code in-store to get a sale or a gift. This CTA works great not only for retail but for restaurants too. Since promo codes work for a limited time only, they increase the engagement in no time.

  • “Click here to find out more” - since text messages are limited in the character count, it’s hard to fit in everything in a single message. So if you have an important announcement for your customers, include a CTA that will take them to a webpage with all the necessary details. Make sure to include the most important points in your SMS to boost the interest.

  • “Text to win” - organizing contests and giving your customers an opportunity to win a gift or a prize is a great way to keep them engaged and increase the traffic. From time to time, make sure to pamper your subscribers and send them CTAs to enter a contest.

Include Opt-out Options

It’s such a burden when subscribers opt-out from your texts. Your work hard and put so much effort and money into creating your messages, but they simply get ignored or become annoying to your subscribers. Or maybe there are other reasons why they opt-out. But no matter how irritating this is, you have to make sure that they can easily unsubscribe from your texting services. Firstly, this is required by law, so you have to make such an option. Secondly, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A high unsubscribe rate can signal that you’re doing something wrong. So this can be a chance of improving your SMS services so that you can manage your SMS unsubscribe rate.

Use Keywords to Grow Opt-in List

Keywords are essential for growing your subscription list. You can’t achieve SMS campaign optimization without using keywords. Keywords in text messages are unique terms that can include both numbers and letters. They are used to create a communication between you and your customers. Customers text the keyword that’s often associated with a shortcode to you and get an automated reply of an offer or any other relevant message. SMS keywords are used as a tool to let people subscribe to your list. They are also great engagement tools, as they can be used to enter a competition, group chat, or any other events and promotion.

Create a Sense of Urgency

As the number of businesses grow, people lose the sensation of buying something. This is a major problem for companies. Urgency sells products. That’s why businesses always make special offers or promotions to keep their customers engaged. Urgency is created by limited time. Here are some great ways to keep the feeling of urgency high:


  • When you create a contest, make sure that you limit the number of people who can enter it. Also, limit the number of those who can win a gift.

  • Create a specially tailored content that will urge a sensation of immediacy. Use the power of language to leave your desired impact.

  • Create coupon codes that work for a limited time only.

  • Before launching something new, send your subscribers previews to boost their interest.

Include Website Landing Page URLs

As we already mentioned, CTAs are very important for your SMS marketing platform. A landing page URL is usually a form of CTA. Here’s an example of a CTA that includes a link:

“Click to claim a 20% discount on our mobile site”

You want to keep your messages as short as possible, as most SMS service providers limit the number of characters to 160. For example, when including a URL, use www instead of http:// to reduce the number of characters. At Textedly, we offer link shrinking feature which allows you to shorten hyperlinks directing to your website or the landing page. Also, although it might sound obvious, before you put a link in your SMS, make sure that the site is optimized for mobiles.

Find the Right Frequency

One of the biggest challenges of SMS marketing experts is to find the optimal frequency for sending messages. You don’t want to send messages too often and become super annoying for your subscribers. They will not wait too long before unsubscribing from your list. Or, even worse, they will simply keep ignoring your messages and you will end up sending hundreds of messages that don’t have any value. However, at the same time, you don’t want to send messages so rarely that your customers simply forget about your existence. If you send a message once every couple of months, your subscribers won’t even recognize you and they will opt-out thinking that they’ve received a spam message. So, how to find an ideal frequency? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule. It depends on your industry, the type of messages you’re sending and many other factors. The best way is testing. It’s better to lose some subscribers during testing but find the best frequency for your own message campaigns.

The best marketing tips this year are after text messaging. We’ve introduced you SMS marketing trends that will guide your texting journey throughout the upcoming years and will make your SMS services even more effective. Only last year, 15.2 million text messages were sent every minute! Imagine what a powerful medium the SMS platform is and start growing your text message campaigns today.