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Dec 23, 2018

7 Fresh Ideas for Your New Year’s SMS Marketing Campaign

If you’re not in a holiday mood yet, then you most definitely should be! Only days are left until the New Year’s Eve, so it’s time to get yourself ready for heavy promotions and huge sales. SMS marketing services work especially well for holiday seasons. The retail industry takes advantage of this and implements texting services for the best results. This is a critical time during the year when you build your brand image and loyalty. You want to make the most out of the New Year season not only in financial terms but also in terms of your brand building. We have collected the best and most effective SMS campaign ideas for New Year and are ready to share them with you. So get your champagne bottles ready and keep reading.


New Product Promotion

New Year is the best time to promote your new product. The New Year season is always associated with new ideas and a fresh start, so it’s the time when the customers are most ready for new products. During this season, people look for new things trying to change something in their lives. This relates to food, fashion, looks, and lifestyle. So restaurants can promote a new dish, retailers can promote a new fashion item, and gyms can promote a new package of a workout plan. When a company launches a new product or a new bundle of services, one of the best channels to promote new things is via mass SMS texting. Send your subscribers a message and inform them about the new changes, and don’t forget to offer them a discount on the first purchase.


Inspiring New Year Contests

The festive mood of the Christmas season makes customers very interested to take part in different competitions and contests. All people love to play games in a chance to win something special. So use the time wisely to organize contests and engage as many people as you can. Your customers will absolutely love a Christmas-themed contest. Using SMS marketing services, you can send your subscribers texts telling them the details of the contest and the rules to enter. Make sure to promise them an existing reward to motivate them to participate.


Limited Time Offers

What makes the customer want the product or service more if not its limited availability. Any deadline for getting a product always creates a huge temptation to get it. When you create special offers or a contest, or just a new product advertisement, always make sure to include some deadlines. A deadline for a limited product, or a deadline for a limited offer. Use texting services to not only inform your subscribers about news but also provide them with a coupon or a promo code that will be active for a specific time only. Make your SMS channel super engaging by boosting the interest of your customers for limited time offers and coupons.


Promo Codes for Huge Sales

Your customers are waiting for the holiday season because they know that you will pamper them with promo codes and gifts. So make sure not to disappoint them. In general, coupons and promo codes are the best sales boosters. They ensure a bigger sales volume, while at the same time leave your customers very happy and satisfied. You want to send your subscribers a promo code for getting a discount for the New Year themed products or special holiday appropriate services. This technique can be used for both for in-store and online purchases. For example, by showing the promo code in-store, the buyer can claim for a discount. As for the online shopping, the customer can input the promo code in the appropriate field and get a discount or a special gift.


Post New Year Sales

Concentrating on New Year to boost the sales works quite effectively. However, once this season is over, sales usually drop. Most companies take it as it is, but you shouldn’t. The post-New Year period must also be considered as a time for special deals and offers. Once the holiday craziness settles down, drop a message to your customers to let them know that you still offer them a 10% discount for some items. This way, you’ll be able to avoid the post-holiday depression and make your sales coming.


Integrate SMS into Other Marketing Promotions

SMS campaign ideas for New Year work very well on their own. However, you can always integrate texting services into your other New Year marketing ideas and promotions. You can combine SMS marketing with various forms of advertisings for the best results. Use mass SMS texting to inform your customers about a promotion or an event that’s happening. Also, you can use the SMS platform to motivate your customers to get engaged by offering extra discounts if they show the message through which they found out about the event. If you are promoting an online offer, you can include a direct CTA to the landing page and increase the traffic to your webpage.


Don’t Concentrate on Sales Only

All businesses want to increase their earning, but concentrating on sales only can have an adverse effect. You don’t want your customers to get annoyed by your endless attempts to sell something. Use the holiday season to let your customers know how much you value and love them. Here are some ideas of heartwarming messages you can send via SMS:

  • Season’s greetings - open-up the New Year season by a greeting message to your subscribers. Let them know how much exciting things are awaiting them during the Christmas season.

  • Surveys - use this time to collect feedback. Send your customers a message asking them to fill in a survey. Find out what they think of you and how satisfied they have been throughout the year.

  • Thank you messages - by the end of the year, you want to thank your customers for being with you and staying loyal. Ask them to share their address, so you can send them a gift.

Get ready for the most exciting season of the year and use our New Year marketing ideas to celebrate your financial gains. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!