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Driving Customer Loyalty with SMS Marketing - Tips from Textedly

Oct 31, 2017

What is the only thing that’s at the reach of your hand at all times? That’s right, a smartphone. 95% of all Americans own a cell phone of some kind, and this includes those who still prefer to live, work, and buy in the offline environment. For companies looking to expand their marketing reach in 2017 and beyond, this is a valuable stat. SMS is hip again, so start texting your customers.

If messages are immediate, useful, and engaging, a single SMS campaign can significantly improve your retention rate. It’s powerful enough to affect everything from lead generation and acquisition to customer conversions and churn, but only if your learn how to leverage its full potential. With a couple of handy tricks, you’ll be able to drive more sales and build customer loyalty faster than ever before.

These are the best practices for enhancing your SMS marketing campaigns.



Learn More about Your Target Audience

SMS marketing is subscription-based, which means two things. First, the prospects who sign up for your messaging campaign immediately become a part of your CRM phonebook. Second, their permission to add their number to you list can help you improve audience segmentation. Here’s how.

A phone number makes a convenient aid for location targeting – this tiny piece of information can tell you more about your prospects’ lifestyles, interests, and pain points, thus making your audience segmentation even more precise. You’ll know exactly what to send to whom, and how to entice them.

Audience segmentation is of crucial importance because modern customers expect to be treated like individuals with very specific needs. Personalization is therefore one of the most effective tactics in inbound and outbound marketing alike. Customize your messages, and they’ll be happy to read them.

If you analyse the data you’ve collected through multiple customer interactions, you’ll learn exactly which type of information a certain audience segment wants to receive. Tailor your SMS campaign accordingly, and it will shortly improve customer engagement and increase your conversion rates.  


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Retarget and Build Loyalty with Special Offers

SMS campaigns are brilliant for retargeting as well, especially if you custom-tailor them to your customers’ individual preferences. Along with regular offers addressed to long-term customers, you can send special offers, deals, coupons, and discounts to those who have been inactive for some time.


Automate the Process

Of course, a successful business cannot be expected to custom-tailor its text message marketing campaigns to each of the prospects and customers individually. You won’t be able to send individual messages either, which is why you’ll need a reliable automation tool to help you save some time.

There’s plenty of affordable text message marketing software solutions on the market, so be sure to choose the best one. That way, you’ll be able to schedule SMS blasts to hundreds of recipients at the same time, and the tool will send them out automatically, with zero involvement on your side.


Define the Best Time and Place

The best text message marketing software systems use geofencing as a way to target customers according to their current location. The system detects when one of them is close to your brick and mortar store, and automatically sends an SMS to remind them that they are welcome to stop by.

Being at the right place in the right time is a big part of successful marketing campaigns, which is why you should also determine when to send your SMS blasts. If you are in the restaurant business, for instance, the best moment is the afternoon, since that’s when your customers make their dinner plans.


Include Engaging Call to Actions

Personalizing text message marketing campaigns means little if customers don’t receive a clear call to action at the end of each SMS. The principles for writing effective SMS CTAs are the same as with any other marketing strategy – they need to engage customers enough to convince them to click and buy.

A vast percentage of today’s cell phone owners use their mobile devices to browse the internet, so make sure to exploit this stat as well. Your SMS call to action can be a link to your ecommerce shop or your social media page, so that a recipient can access them straight from their phone messenger.

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Integrate SMS with Social Media and Email

Speaking of social media and other online channels of communication, you can make your SMS marketing campaign even more effective if you integrate it with Facebook or email. This is a great way to approach both those customers who like to text, and those who prefer to spend their time online.

We’ve already talked about how SMS can help you drive more visitors to your website and social media page, but integration can work both ways. You can invite your Twitter followers and Facebook friends to subscribe to your text messages, and receive their special offers and discounts even when offline.


Collect Customer Feedback

Whatever aspect of your business you want to improve, listening to customer feedback is crucial. You can use text messaging marketing campaigns for this purpose as well, and create SMS surveys to tell you what your customers think about your products and services, and how to make them better.

It seems that text message providers won’t go out of business anytime soon. Not only is SMS marketing alive and well, but it’s also grown into one of the most effective advertising methods. When enhanced with these tricks, text message marketing campaigns attract and retain loyal customers.