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Nov 28, 2017

Effective SMS Marketing Strategies for Pizza Shops

Did you know that 98% of all text messages are read within five minutes after being sent?

How does this affect your pizza shop marketing plan strategy? Well, texting has by far the best engagement rate of any marketing medium. Thanks to the interconnected, globalized world we live in, not only is it easy to keep up with the latest marketing trends, but it also provides the pathway to financial success.

Did you know that 80% of Millennials instinctively grab their cell phones after they wake up? And approximately 87% of Millennials have their smartphones by their side from dawn till dusk?

What does this mean for you? Well by using SMS Marketing services, not only will you have a more effective channel to engage with customers easily and instantly, but it is also incredibly cost-effective. Maybe this is why the compelling above-mentioned statistics explain that SMS Marketing performs 7 times better than email marketing.

With people addicted to checking their phones for the latest updates, discounts, and information, this has not only opened a door for the consumerist society success story, but has also become the most influential way of marketing.

The issue with emailed ads is the fact that they can easily be ignored for weeks. People shy away from an overcrowded inbox, and so any email not considered to require a necessary response will be tossed in the virtual trash bin. This watered-down technique will not only cost you in terms of costs and efforts, but also clients and revenue.

Respect your customers and they will be forever loyal

How do you slide into your customers’ DMs while also respecting their space and privacy? Even though almost everybody is hooked on their smartphones, this does not grant you the right to message them without their consent. Yes means yes, so make sure your customers have opted in for your messages and agreed to engage with you on their mobile platform.

If you message your customers without their consent, it will be seen as annoying and intrusive – which is the easiest way to turn them off and find another pizza shop to give their business to. Use the principle of scarcity so that it will accent the quality and value of your messages and your business.

Send them a short thank you text after they order a pizza online. Use SMS messaging  to inform them that the pizza will be ready for pickup in ten minutes. Better yet, let them know that the delivery guy will be there in five minutes and include their tab (with minimal tip) clearly written in the message.


Returning guests are the goal

The easiest way to increase customer loyalty is by casually rewarding them via SMS messaging. Rewards can include a buy one, get one free deal on pizza, a buy a large pizza and get three toppings for free, or a 20% discount on two pizzas valid for a week.

Not only will these offers nurture customer relations and drive traffic to your pizza business, but they will also be a greater incentive for customers to spread the word about your wonderful pizza joint. To really win your customers over, just include anything FREE! FREE always works.


pizza marketing.png

When are the best times to send texts?

Timing is everything. Timing is incredibly important when it comes to success in SMS marketing. One of the best ways to annoy your audience is by messaging them at inappropriate times.

Inappropriate times consist of late in the evening and early in the morning – before the customer has enjoyed a cup of coffee. The best time to send an SMS text message is around meal times. Send your customers special lunch or dinner offers around these mealtime periods in order to capitalize on timing.

Most importantly, not only would a customer be annoyed if you messaged them at an inappropriate time, but they also may develop an aversion towards your brand - something to avoid at all costs.

Feedback – the ultimate necessity

Are you curious to know what your customers think about your pizza business? Well, an important aspect of pizza marketing is to generate customer feedback and recommendations. You can use the two-way texting feature to conduct short surveys and receive feedback.

Not only will you be able to better cater to your customers’ needs, but they will also feel that their feedback is valued. You will also be able to provide better service for future customers.


Time is valuable – do not waste it

Time is valuable; so most importantly do not waste your customers’ time. After taking the time to receive feedback from your customers’ use it wisely. Make sure that the content you deliver resonates well with your audience.

If you feel that customers’ interests are quite varied, create segmented messages that are relevant to the recipients. For example, a single person is not going to buy as much pizza as a family of six or college students living in a fraternity or housing cooperative of twenty. The better you target your customers and learn about their preferences, and follow up with relevant offers and information, the more successful your business will be.



Final food for thought

Business text marketing is an instant and powerful communication channel, and is the key to success. If you have a creative and well thought-out sms marketing strategies, then the SMS messaging service is the best way to keeping driving your pizza business forward.

To succeed in mass marketing your delicious pizzas, find a trustworthy SMS vendor such as Textedly. The SMS vendors have detailed analytics which allows your company to track each step in the conversion process, beginning with the initial delivery and opening.

Vendors will provide you with a fully featured platform and will give you expert advice about the best methods for achieving SMS messaging success!

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