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Dec 18, 2018

How News Magazines are Utilizing the Power of Text Messaging?

SMS marketing and mobile marketing, in general, are the best platforms to connect to the customer on a personal level. We carry our mobile phones 24/7 and we’re available at almost every time of the day. SMS mass texting service is a super fast and user-friendly way to communicate with customers. Today, the most popular news magazines and journals are also using SMS marketing to keep connected with their audience.

There are many reasons why text marketing is the best technique to reach out customers. Firstly, people always keep their phone on an arm’s length. So when you connect through a device that’s so close to the person, then most surely your message will be read. Also, text messages are instant. Many businesses use SMS services because of their immediacy. No other platform can get your updates and news so fast to the customer. And lastly, texting is the best platform to increase the engagement with your website and bring more traffic. Taking all of these reasons into consideration, it’s obvious that mobile marketing trends have hit the news magazines' industry too. This is especially true for the sports news section.

Why Delivering Sports News Notifications via SMS is so Effective?

SMS marketing for sports news has proven to work super effectively. Let’s make it clear that sports lovers and sports enthusiasts belong to the generations that are most actively using cell phones. So it’s quite predictable that any kind of mobile marketing will work best for these generations. Nowadays, sports experience for the fans is not limited to the stadium only. Most of the people love following their teams’ news and members digitally. So fans use their mobile devices to look for sport-related content. Marketers take advantage of this to create new strategies and ways to engage fans. SMS marketing is one of such channels.

Sports marketers use text messaging to connect to the users on a different level, keep them updated, promote tickets, boost their interest and thus, increase the engagement with the team. The digitalization has changed the whole experience of fans. Their mobile phones are an inseparable part of their lifestyle. Text message marketing is the only way to ensure that your message will get to the user exactly when you want them to get it. Following the mobile marketing trends, the news magazines have incorporated SMS services into their marketing strategies. They urge fans to opt-in for delivering sports news notifications directly to their phones. So far, SMS services have been working very well for news magazines.

SMS Marketing for the Sports Industry

Text promotions can be used for the sports industry in many different ways. Here are some ways how SMS mass texting service can be implemented by news magazines for sports:

  • Informing about breaking news

How to stay competitive in the news industry? The only rule is to be super fast. However, before you write, edit and post your article, it can take hours. And you always face the risk that someone can deliver the news faster than you do. News magazines can use SMS marketing for sports news. The only instant way to deliver breaking news is to do this via a text message.

  • Current game updates

Another way to take advantage of the immediacy of text messages is to send SMS regarding the games that are in-progress. Sometimes fans can’t watch the game but want to follow up everything that happens during the game. In fact, this strategy has been implemented by some major news magazines.

  • Scores and stats

Scores and stats are the most interesting points for fans and are most often searched for on the internet. It’s important to deliver the news that are of the most interest to the readers. When you give your audience such an easy option to follow-up to their favorite teams, you guarantee an increased number of opt-ins for your SMS services.

  • Schedule of upcoming games

This feature is very useful during championships, such as Olympic games or the World Cup season. Keeping the audience updated about the upcoming games or schedule changes will make your subscribers extremely satisfied. Sending this type of information via text messages is time-efficient for those who are subscribed, and this will boost the engagement with your magazine.

  • Promotion codes and collaborations -

Last but not least, news magazines can also use text message services to promote tickets. By collaborating with sports teams, news magazines can promote promo codes that will claim discounts on the tickets. This is a win-win situation both for the magazine and the sports team. As for the subscribers, they will be only happy to get a ticket to their favorite sports team’s game for a discount.

Success Stories


BBC is using a BBC Sport app to deliver sports related notifications to the users. The app works for all sports types: football, cricket, tennis, golf, rugby league, rugby union and formula 1. The notifications are very easy to add after you download the app. You simply need to choose your favorite team from the list and subscribe to getting notifications about news or updates. Afterward, notifications will pop-up on your home screen with all the important information. The app is free and comes with all the website content. The fans will be thrilled to get all the news and event notifications right at their fingerprints.

New York Times

The New York Times used a different approach for implementing SMS marketing. The NYT is using different strategies and tools to build loyalty and increase subscription with their magazine. They experimented with SMS services during the Olympics in Rio back in 2016. Times created a two-way text messaging and offered a very close look at the sights and sounds of the games. Sam Manchester, the deputy sports editor, was sharing photos, news, and personal dispatches with readers who subscribed to getting text messages. And since the communication was two-way, readers could also share their reactions and ask questions. This experiment was very successful and interactive.


Many other leading news magazines are using SMS marketing for delivering sports-related news to their readers. Text messages are a great way to keep an interactive relationship with the audience and deliver them value. Also, SMS services are cost-effective and time-efficient. The most important advantage of text marketing over its competitors is its immediacy and the fact that it lets you communicate with the readers in real-time.