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Aug 29, 2017

How to grow your business with SMS Marketing? Bread & Barley’s Success Story

Can you rely on SMS marketing to increase foot traffic and boost customer loyalty in your business? The answer is a bold YES!

Although SMS has already been around for a quarter century, it’s still one of the most immediate and powerful marketing channels which allows big companies to engage with their target audience and see a significant sales growth in a matter of days.

At Textedly we believe that using the right text messaging service which enables you to properly plan, schedule and target your SMS campaign you can achieve the best results in the shortest time frame and at the lowest cost.

Here is how we helped our client – Bread & Barley, get thousands of subscribers within a period of 6 months and increase sales (and make a lot of beer snobs really happy). This compelling success story will give you a nudge to start your own Text Message campaign.


The Client

Located in Covina, California, Bread & Barley is an upscale pub, featuring excellent food, wine and craft-brewed beer for real gourmets and beer aficionados.

Bread & Barley really stands out among other pubs in Covina with its homey atmosphere, and of course, the unrivalled variety of craft beers from many of the best local breweries. Their craft beer tap list is constantly rotating with some of the rarest hard-to-find beers around.

The pub brings a new environment and energy to the area with there open-timbered, brick design that appeals to the masses. Admitted beer snobs visit Bread & Barley and celebrate the fact that they don’t have to reach Belgium to enjoy the finest beer in the world. In addition, the pub offers a great wine menu featuring some of the best wines California boasts. The impressive variety of delicious and affordable food which always exceeds the expectations of any food snob is often accompanied with live music shows.

At Bread & Barley, you are always treated like family. Pull up a chair and toast a good craft!


Bread and Barley one.jpg


The SMS campaign

In order to keep up with modern marketing trends and keep their loyal customers in the loop about the newly available hard-to-find craft beers, Bread & Barley decided to run an SMS marketing campaign. So they contacted us and we happily agreed to help the company take its customer service to another level.

The campaign is very simple. Visitors text the Keyword CRAFT to 33222 on their mobile phones and automatically become a member of Bread & Barley’s #CraftSoHard VIP club.

Bread & Barley sends out a mass text message whenever they tap a very rare, very delicious, very hard-to-find craft beer! Club members are notified before the general public, getting a chance to indulge in a wonderful aroma of craft beer before it sells out. Being in the know is the key to finding good craft beer in Southern California. And Bread & Barely knows how to do it right!

Bread and Barley.jpg


It’s only been 6 months since we started the campaign and Bread & Barley has managed to grow its contact list with thousands of beer loving subscribers in such a short time. But that’s not all. Each time the pub blasts out a text message informing its #CraftSoHard club members about a new craft beer, the sales skyrocket (ATTENTION!) within the first 2 hours. Pretty impressive, huh?  

This is how SMS Marketing helps Bread & Barley engage with its customers and drive brand loyalty, staying ahead of the game in the highly competitive market.

It worked so well for Bread & Barley that they are now going to introduce a Text Messaging campaign for their newly opened, state-of-the art micro brewery; Arrow Lodge Brewing! Check it out at www.arrowlodgebrew.com

 Arrow-Lodge-Brewing (1).png