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Sep 19, 2017

How to Grow Your SMS Marketing List? Simple Tips and Tricks

Much has been said about the many benefits SMS Marketing provides for growing businesses. Every business owner embarking on the business text messaging journey soon discovers that it’s one of the fastest and cost-effective ways for driving customer engagement and revenues.  

The key to a successful SMS Marketing campaign is having a robust and up-to-date subscriber database. After all, you can’t expect great results, if you send SMS messages to a small number of people. On the other hand, it’s illegal to send bulk messages to people without their express consent. You should make sure to be in the line with the Personal Data Protection laws.

So you need to get your current and prospective customers to opt in for your messages by sending a specific keyword to your shortcode.

The good news is that it’s quite easy to grow your subscriber list naturally. All you need is to grab every opportunity to generate awareness about your ongoing campaign and leverage other marketing channels to encourage your customers to subscribe for your messages.

Alright, here you have several handy tips that will help you attract more people to your “mobile club” and fuel your business growth.

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If you have a website, take the chance to advertise your SMS campaign there. Design a signup form in your site and set a CTA to get your visitors to opt in for your SMS messages. You can also use onsite messaging or lightboxes to increase the visibility of your incentives.

People are more likely to opt in, if you promise them something of value in return. So make sure to offer them special deals, discounts or coupons as a reward for the subscription. Advanced messaging platforms, like Textedly, enable you to send an auto-reply text only once. So if people opt in, then opt out, then opt in again, they will get a generic “Welcome back!” message instead of receiving the same promo code or voucher again.

If you’re worried that customers may unsubscribe from your messages after getting the reward or when the offer expires, you can further nurture your relationship with small deals and discounts. It won’t cost you much. And retaining the existing customers is way less expensive than acquiring new ones.


Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest ways to engage your customers. With almost everybody having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram account, the potential of social media for growing your business is only limited to your creativity and dedication.

The greatest advantage of Social networks is that you already have a base of followers interested in your services. This allows you to interact with people who surely want to hear from you.

You can use Social Media platforms to immediately spread the word about your campaign and direct people to sign up for your texts, including a link to your opt-in page. When people subscribe for your messages through social media or your website, make sure to send an auto-reply asking them to complete their subscription with a double opt-in SMS.

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In-store promotion

Use every square inch of your store to promote your SMS campaign. Face to face communication is the greatest way to create genuine customer interactions. Ask your employees to encourage your customers to opt in for updates, reminders, coupons and special offers from your store.

In-store signs are also a great way to raise awareness about your campaign. You can add calls to action on menus, wall displays, shop windows, table tents, paper bags and receipts. This will help you enhance the relationship with your current customers and attract those just passing by.


Email Marketing

If you happen to run an online business, you’ve probably heard the phrase “The money is in the list”. This actually refers to email marketing. But who said you can’t use email to grow your SMS list and take the most out of both campaigns?

If you send monthly email newsletters to your customers, make sure to include information about your text program in every email. People who’ve already trusted you their emails are more likely to opt in for your sms mobile marketing campaign, especially if you offer them a good incentive, e.g. a 10% discount on the product of their choice.



Print ads


Add some creativity to your campaign by merging mobile text message marketing with the world of print ads. Design flyers and brochures about your company and make sure to spice them up with information about your ongoing SMS campaign and attractive offers. If you’re advertising your brand in a local newspaper, take the chance to include your shortcode and keyword in your text to promote your campaign.


TV and Radio Ads

Depending on your marketing budget, you can also leverage TV and Radio ads to grow your contact list. Modern businesses often underestimate the potential of these communication mediums. But in fact they are a perfect way to reach out to people on the go or in their homes.

If you’re already advertising your products on TV or on the Radio, you can include a CTA to urge people to join your campaign. In one of its successful SMS marketing campaigns Dunkin’ Donuts, the sweet giant, used Radio ads to invite people residing in the Boston area to participate in its SMS program. The results were not long in coming. The company had a 21% increase in store traffic.



Word-of-mouth Marketing

There’s no better marketing agent than a satisfied customer. We all have those clients who are the “party promoters”. Include the phrases “Plz, forward this to a friend” or “Bring a friend” in your message, promising a special deal in return. Let your customers become part of your marketing team and watch your SMS campaign go viral.


Bonus Tips


  • Keep your calls to action as short and simple as possible. Think of something that’s unique to your business and convey the idea to your audience. The idea is to give your customers a strong incentive to join your campaign.
  • Always remember to include an opt-out option in your messages to make sure that you’re not spamming your customers.

A robust cross-promotion strategy and enticing offers are what you need to grow your SMS subscriber list and business revenues. Rather than relying on one communication channel, leverage your whole marketing arsenal to strengthen your customer engagement and boost your sales.

If you’re ready to launch your SMS campaign and grow your contact list, join our free 14-day trial and fuel your business engine with SMS Marketing.


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