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08. 29. 2018

6 Reasons Banks and Financial Services Should Use SMS Marketing [Infographic]

You have bigger chances of establishing efficient communication that will result in an increased customer base and better sales through sending text messages directly to the cell phones of your customers.  Thanks to the power of technology and automation, you can send text messages 24/7, track their delivery, and send up to 100,000 messages to any phone number. Send your customers reminders, notifications, and alerts to significantly improve your customer service. Customers just love it when an organization shows that they care. Providing a personalized customer service is the way to go today.


With Textedly, you have good opportunities to significantly improve your SMS marketing and send your customers text messages with personalized and carefully tailored content to grab their attention and turn them into your loyal customers. You see, with Textedly, everything is about quality rather than quantity. We want to provide you with extra experience in using our SMS marketing software and we guarantee that you'll be able to see results as soon as you start using it.