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06. 28. 2019

Best SMS Marketing Tips For Travel Agencies

SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. Every day more and more businesses are implementing it into their marketing structure to boost sales and gain more customers. 
SMS marketing tips come with lots of benefits that make it a simple necessity for business owners. It’s a great marketing tool for all kinds of different businesses and travel agencies are not an exception. 

Being highly affordable and simple-to-use with an open rate of about 98%, bulk text messaging can be a great marketing solution for travel agencies. The reasons behind it are various: 

  • Mass texting enables easy contact with your clients, especially during the fast-paced touristic seasons. 

  • It enables travel agencies to promote last-minute deals in the best and fastest way because a lot of people like to make spontaneous last-minute travel bookings. 

  • With the help of SMS marketing, you can also boost customer loyalty. Send them surveys and ask them to leave feedback on your services. 

  • Provide your customers with helpful advice and hints on the places they are heading to. Tell them about the popular sights, the local currency, give them some tips on what to pack and what they need to know about the new culture if it’s a different country or a first-time visit. You can insert links in your texts that lead to a relevant page on your website. 

With SMS marketing, you can be sure that your messages will not go unnoticed. People always check their phones and if they have opted in, it’s already a sign of huge interest in your travel agency’s services. 
Have a look at the infographic below to understand more about how useful SMS marketing tips can be for your business:



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