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01. 27. 2019

Facts About Restaurant SMS Marketing

There are many different marketing channels that restaurant businesses are using to retain their customers. However, there’s no platform that guarantees that the person will see or react to the promotion of your restaurant except the SMS marketing channel. You can use social media, but your potential customers won’t see your posts unless they’re already following you. You can also use email marketing, however, there’s a huge risk that your email will end up in spam or junk. You can also use flyers, advertise on billboards, or on your own website. You can do all of this along with placing advertisements on TV and radios. Yet, in order to see or find your advertisements, potential customers will have to actually do something. Thereby, none of your marketing efforts will be as effective as SMS marketing. Not mentioning that text marketing is the cheapest platform out of all.

You can use text message marketing for restaurants in the following ways:

  • Special promotions/offers - use SMS marketing to inform your subscribers about a special offer that is currently happening in your restaurant and don’t forget to mention the deadline of the promotion. You can also send special promo codes for “weekend special” sales.

  • Grand opening - drop an SMS to people informing them about the opening date of your restaurant.

  • Remind about reservations - if the person has made a reservation, make sure to remind them about the time and date.

  • Feedback - after the person visits your restaurant, send them a message and ask to fill in a survey to collect feedback (e.g. menu, service, atmosphere, music etc.)

Keep reading the infographic to find more facts about SMS marketing for a restaurant.


SMS marketing for restaurants

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