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08. 31. 2019

How Do Big Brands Use SMS Marketing

Text messaging offers an effective means of communicating, with an average of 75% return on investment. Here is how big brands use SMS marketing as part of their marketing campaigns;

1.   Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger sends out not more than 10 SMS per month, an ideal mobile marketing strategy to keep its audience interested in their new men and women wear, sales and open days among other products.

2.   IKEA

IKEA is known for its high-quality ready-to-assemble home furniture and appliances. It sends SMS alerts on new products available at their local IKEA store branch.

3.   Reebok

Renown sportswear and fitness company, Reebok, uses SMS marketing to inform its loyal customers of new designs, CrossFit sportswear, among other special offers.

4.   Express

Express, the renowned fashion retailer that exclusively caters to young men and women, incorporates text messaging to its array of marketing campaigns, which include billboards and opt-in emails.

5.   Facebook

Big brands use SMS marketing to do more than marketing. Facebook, for instance, incorporates SMS marketing as part of its B2C and B2B collaborative campaigns for marketing products and services. It also uses SMS marketing as a 2-factor-authentication channel for secure login.

6.   CNN

The media company uses text messaging to send alerts about breaking news, stock standings, and weather reports. CNN also allows viewers to send in their thoughts about their TV programs and current events.

Big brands using SMS marketing is enough evidence that text messaging delivers traction and conversion to businesses. Get more information about how you can use SMS marketing for your startup here.