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10. 3. 2019

Mobile Marketing Ideas for Sports Business

Mobile marketing has great influence in the sporting industry. Major sporting events, both local and international, attract fans, investors, and bettors alike. For instance, the 2012 London Olympics was a game-changer for the sporting industry after mobile advertising grew by 50%, due to strategic opt-in updates on the events. With the right text messaging service, betting companies as well as sports broadcast media companies can drive traction to their businesses through SMS and MMS messages. Here is how you can make the most out of mobile marketing for the sports industry.


SMS Messages

SMS messages make use of text characters to convey messages. It is a cheap and efficient way of communicating with your audience for higher conversion rates.

  •  Breaking news

Sports fans love to stay up to date with the latest unfolding in their favorite sporting event. These include news of new signings, injuries as well as recent match developments. You can send a breaking news alert alongside a link to your sports website to generate traction to it.

  • Current Game Updates, scores and stats

Your audience will not always be on their TV watching every game. A simple text message informing them of new developments captures their attention, prompting them to visit your sports blog or to subscribe to your sports broadcasting service. Here is an example of breaking news via SMS.

“Breaking News: Toronto Raptors close at 104:98 to win Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs and close the gap with Golden State Warriors.”

  • Schedule of upcoming games

Alerting your audience about upcoming games drives traction to your business as sporting fans will want to know details of the game, including the date, time, and the starting line-up.

  • Promotion codes and collaborations

You can inform your audience of promotions and collaborations through SMS messaging. For instance:

 “Text WIN to 55555 and Stand a chance to win a ticket to the NFL Superbowl Finals!”


MMS Messages

MMS or multimedia messaging service combines media elements with your text to create a livelier and more convincing mobile marketing platform for the sports industry. In addition to sending breaking news, game updates, or current scores, you can include photos, short videos, audio clips, or even a screenshot of a team’s latest schedule.

People are polychromatic and are more likely to react to visual stimulation received from photos and videos. In effect, they are more likely to click on an attached link to a sporting website to get more information about a sporting event.



Mobile marketing for sports



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