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05. 27. 2019

Mobile Marketing Statistics You Must Know

It is quite hard to imagine anyone without a mobile phone in the third millennium. Most people, especially the millennials carry out most of what they need in their day-to-day lives on their mobile phones: connecting with family and friends, reading news, placing orders for food, clothes and other products, ordering taxis, or for simply doing something for entertainment.

This is exactly why most businesses are becoming as mobile-friendly as possible. Mobile-oriented marketing strategies, like SMS marketing, are taking over the field and becoming very popular. Reaching your customers via a mobile phone is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It’s a more personal type of contact that, if used wisely, will gain you high brand recognition and custom trust.

If your business isn’t compatible with most of the modern mobile devices, you should expect a potential loss of customers. Many people will simply leave you if they see that you don’t offer an option for making use of your services via a mobile device. That’s just how things go nowadays - everything is about high convenience, speed, ease of use and simplicity. If you don’t have such features to offer, you might well be out of the competitive market.

To help you understand the importance of mobile-oriented business strategies, we have collected some statistical data regarding the use of mobile phones in a number of different cases.

Have a look at the infographic below and start boosting your business by having it go mobile!


Mobile marketing statistics