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10. 31. 2019

Text Message Marketing Tips for Cinemas and Theatres

The secret to an effective SMS marketing strategy for cinemas and theatres lies in text messaging templates. The pre-designed, editable texts can be customized and re-used over time. Here are a few tips for effective text message templates.

Promotion of movies/plays

With a promotional text message template, you can edit the particulars such as the name of the movie and the specifics about the promotion.

Reminders of upcoming events

Have a text template where you can edit the name of the movie and the release date before alerting your fanbase.

Confirmation of a booking

Confirmation texts of booking movie seats are instant and offline, making them more reliable than their email counterparts.

Reduced ticket prices

Develop a text template that you can edit whenever you wish to inform your customers of reduced ticket prices. Such kind of text message marketing complements your online marketing efforts a great deal.

Discounts on favorite food or drink

An SMS on discounts on snacks and drinks could be just the thing that a customer needs to hear to buy that movie ticket.

Rewards for loyal customers

SMS marketing on the right platform can be used to inform loyal customers of rewards they have earned, such as a free movie, play or special discounts.

Alert messages for redeemable reward

Sending alert messages to members who are close to redeeming their rewards could be the push a customer needed to opt for that movie ticket.

Entertaining material by links/attachments

Text message marketing allows you to send out entertaining material through web links, such as a YouTube link for a trailer of an upcoming movie/play or movie posters as MMS.


Text messaging for theatres and cinemas



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