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04. 13. 2018

The Best Time to Send Text Messages [Infographic]

The benefit of using SMS or Text Messaging is that it is one of the only forms of communication that literally places the power in your customer's hands. They have the ability to read it when they wish, and how. 

Ok, so what is the best time to send text messages or as we can say go on with text message marketing? Our response is simple. It depends on your message. 

 - General marketing messages can vary in type and form. They could be coupons for sales; they could be URL links to landing pages. Whatever your message content may be, you need to ensure you convey the right one.

 - Appointment reminders are a little different. Here you want to be aiming for even numbers, preferably increments of 10. We suggest a text message directly following the appointment time made so your customers can add it to their calendar schedules. 

 - Ok, you have a big sale coming up this weekend and are curious as to what time you should be sending your sales offer to your customers. Go too early and you will look, well... stupid. Too late and you won't get anyone through the doors. 

 - Have you noticed Christmas decorations creeping into early October on retail shelves? What is your reaction? The same principle is applied when engaging with your customers via a text message. The key is to plan. Sending your campaign too early can heighten customer interest too early.


SMS marketing and text messaging best time