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Introducing Textedly Help Center Today

Jul 20, 2018

Textedly has positioned itself as one of the best platforms for SMS marketing in the world. Through our efforts to make SMS marketing easy and accessible, we’ve helped our clients create numerous SMS marketing campaigns to fulfill their business goals.

To further our goal of improving the ease of use of Textedly, we are proud to announce that from now on they will have access to the Textedly Help Center.

The brand new Help Center

Our help center is here to help users with any issues they may face in the process of using Textedly. As an SMS marketing agency, we strive to create an environment where users can focus on creating top-notch marketing campaigns without wasting time dealing with technical issues.

We have created a state of the art Help Center that has been armed with answers to the most commonly asked questions that reach our support, as well as questions that are not so commonly asked but are relevant.

We also segmented these answers into categories (Get Started, Upload Contacts, Troubleshooting, Pricing, Privacy, and Terms of Service) so you don’t have to scroll through too many things to find the answer to your inquiry.

We are going to give a short overview of each category and provide you with an example question and answer so you know what to expect.

Get Started

This section is focused on helping users who are new to Textedly get their first SMS campaign going with as little hardship as possible. It’s basically a crash course to creating effective SMS campaigns.




Example question: What is a Keyword?

Your keyword is the combination of letters your potential subscribers will need to send to 33222 to be added to your subscribers’ pool. The keyword can be up to 20 characters long and you can use both numbers and letters to create it – no spaces though.

The approval period for the keyword takes a few hours but can be sped up with a support ticket in case you need to put a rush on things. After you enter your keyword, you will need to disclose the number of messages your subscribers can expect within a month.

Last but not least is the outgoing message your subscribers will receive. While the outgoing message can be changed, the keyword and number of messages can’t.

Get started: https://help.textedly.com/getting-started/

Upload Contacts

This section deals with uploading a preexisting subscriber list. Keep in mind that the “Upload Contacts” feature isn’t available as a part of the 14 day trial version.



Example question:
How to import your list of mobile numbers?

For new Textedly users, this option will require an approval period. This option is available only to users who have set up at least one keyword. Another important thing to keep in mind is that we rarely approve imports from users who signed up using a free email service – make sure you register with your verified business email.

Once the upload feature is approved, you will have to upload your list in .CSV file format along with the following headers: Phone, First Name, Last Name, Email, Address, City, State, Zip, Company Name, Tags.

This is the exact order in which these headers need to be disclosed but not every column will need to be filled in. Also, the format of your phone numbers will not cause problems for Textedly.

Upload Contacts: https://help.textedly.com/upload-contacts


In the Troubleshooting section, you will find the answers to the most common issues users face when getting familiar with Textedly. If you are more comfortable to do the problem-solving yourself, this is the place to start.


Example question: Why are a few of my Subscribers getting a Service Access Denied error?

If one or more of your subscribers are getting the Service Access Denied Error, you’ll have to check if they have Short Code Blocking turned on with their mobile carrier account. The error message isn’t sent through our services but the mobile carrier. This most often happens with T-Mobile users and can be resolved by turning off Short Code Blocking, which needs to be done by the account owner.

Troubleshooting: https://help.textedly.com/troubleshooting

Pricing, Privacy, and Terms of Service

As expected, the Pricing section is dedicated to resolving any and all confusions regarding our pricing, payment methods, packages, and other related issues. You can also find out about the data we collect and general Terms and Services.


Example question:
How much does Textedly cost?

That would depend on the plan you choose. Even though all plans offer the same features the difference between them being the number of messages sent monthly and the number of keywords you get access to.

We also offer the option to buy more keywords and more messages if you happen to need more and don’t want to upgrade. So, you have a lot of options with Textedly, ranging from free, through various plans, all the way to a custom price we agree upon (you’ll have to contact us for this one).

Pricing, Privacy, and Terms of Service: https://help.textedly.com/pricing-privacy-and-terms-of-service

We hope that this Help Center will help you find your way around our services and get a better insight into the capabilities of Textedly. We intend to grow this database and tackle new issues and inquires as they come. And, if you can’t find an answer to something, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.