08. 18. 2017

Promotion of Cultural and Leisure Events: Strategies and Trends

Looking for an efficient strategy to make your event go viral? Go back to basics. The best tool to promote your events is in your hand – it’s your phone.

Communication trends come and go with time but staying in touch with your target audience is always in fashion. And mobile marketing never seems to get old, remaining one of the greatest tools in any marketer’s arsenal. Invented back in 1992, SMS messages are still among the trendiest and most effective ways for any business to communicate with their audience and increase sales by improving customer engagement.

But how can text messages be used to promote cultural and leisure activities? Just take a moment to think. People have their mobiles at hand practically all the time. While most of emails are never opened, the majority of SMS messages are viewed in a matter of minutes after delivery. That’s why SMS marketing is a super powerful tool for anyone organizing cultural events, festivals or leisure activities to reach out to their audience on the go and dramatically increase the attendance of their events.

You can use text messaging to engage with your audience at every stage of event development, starting from promotion to follow up. Here are a few strategies and tips on how to make your event go viral with the help of mobile marketing.


Targeting the Right Audience

Targeting the right audience is the key to run an effective event promotion. The first step in any SMS marketing campaign is building a database of contacts by asking your actual and potential attendees to send a keyword to your short code to subscribe for your text alerts and notifications. This will allow you to send messages only to those interested and increasingly grow your contact list. You can further divide your contact list into several smaller groups based on what type of events your subscribers are interested in and send them notifications about similar events in the future.


Announcing an Evet

If you’re going to organize a live music show, outdoor sport activities or just a Halloween party, the first step to generating interest is simply letting your audience know about your event. Send out a bulk SMS to your contacts to inform them about the time and place of your event. If you have worked hard to make a great event, you’ll have a lot of interesting details to share with your audience. So your text message should include the event programme and a link to your website where potential attendees can learn more details about the event.

Today the main “disadvantage” of SMS marketing – the 160-character limit is no longer a problem since the most advanced messaging services, like Textedly, allow you to shrink your hyper-links so that they don’t take up much available space in your message. If you still don’t fit in 160 characters, you can send supersize text messages with over 300 characters.


Creating a Buzz and Generating Word of Mouth

Make your event become the talk of the town. Planning to have a surprise guest in your show or a special gift for one lucky participant? Just send a blast to your attendees prior to the event to give them a little hint of what expects them and build excitement around your event. Generate word of mouth marketing to improve the attendance of your event at practically zero cost. Attract more people and encourage them to spread the word about your show among their friends by offering them special deals, such as a discount on every second ticket or a free drink, if they bring along their friends.


Sending Updates and Reminders

As a good organizer, you plan your event months in advance, booking the venue, making event posts in Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social networks and selling the tickets. But nobody’s safe from unpleasant surprises. You might have to make a last minute venue change due to the bad weather or modify your programme while your attendees are already on their way. A quick text message sent to everyone to let them know about the changes will save the situation. Even if everything goes smoothly, you can still send a bulk message to your participants hours before the event to remind them when and where to be to take part in it.


Asking for Feedback

Creating a wonderful experience for your attendees will make them want to come back over and over again. Use two-way texting to start a genuine dialogue with your audience. Messaging services providing an inbox feature allow you to open up the lines of communication by asking for feedback through SMS surveys. Mobile polls are much faster and more convenient than the traditional survey methods, including emails and direct calls. That’s why SMS surveys are more likely to result in increased engagement and participation.

Show your event-goers that you care about their opinion and do your best to fulfill their expectations. This will help you improve your future events by collecting valuable data about the preferences of your potential event-goers.

SMS Marketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to reach out to your potential event-goers. You can text messages to effectively engage with your audience on every stage of your event development, from announcing and promoting to follow-up communication.