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Feb 13, 2018

Romantic Ideas for Your Valentine's Day Marketing Plan

Thanksgiving Day, then Christmas, followed by the New Year – this part of the year boasts the celebratory spirit and it doesn’t stop there. Most businesses exhaust their advertising funds and they run out of good ideas even before February, which has the most romantic holiday.

What many businesses often forget is that a good ad doesn’t have to be expensive – it needs to be clever. As a matter of fact, you can achieve so much just via texting message marketing. So, let’s go through some great ideas and help you develop an effective Valentine’s Day SMS marketing plan.


Dazzle with Stickers

Like them or not, smartphones are all about stickers. Kids, teens, adults, the elderly – everyone uses them. And if you still don’t have one in the colors of your brand, now is the perfect time.

Naturally, you should instruct your graphic designer to fashion them in the spirit of this holiday. What makes stickers so popular is the fact they are a message by themselves. We all know how difficult it can be to put together a message to express our feelings – a sticker that says “I like you”, “I miss you”, or even “I love you” makes it a lot easier.

On the one hand, stickers will spread the word about your brand without you investing serious effort into it – all you have to take care of is the initial part. On the other hand, your stickers in the colors of this love holiday might be a start of something beautiful between two people – and that is truly priceless.



A Kiss to Remember

Any brand that’s in the makeup business should make a list of their most popular lipstick products – this is a kissing holiday (for God’s sake) and not using this to your advantage would be a serious mistake.

This is the right time to encourage your insecure customers. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about magic, and there’s not a better time to share a kiss than right now. And, as we all know, a stroke of bravery comes from the perfect shade of lipstick that will make your customer’s lips irresistibly kissable.

There’s your text message for Valentine’s Day; and besides, texts like this create deep bonds with your customers – they will start seeing an ally in your brand. To find out more about how to evoke customer loyalty via texting, you should check this out.


Sisters Before Misters

The fact that Valentine’s Day circles around romantic couples doesn’t really mean that you have to go with the flow. A pinch of controversy never goes unnoticed – and neither will your Valentine’s Day messages.

On this day, the whole world is divided in two – people with dates, and people without them. So, instead of attacking the first market, which is already overflowing with offers, perhaps you should consider playing on the other side of the field.

Therefore, remind all the single ladies how this night isn’t reserved only for people who are in love. As a matter of fact, it’s a call for an unforgettable night out. Here are some stats regarding the single nation that will encourage you to go with a controversial SMS plan.

On the other hand, this is also a great time to be sneaky and support the eternal bachelor culture. Just make sure not to mix up your contacts, or you might get into trouble. Actually, making mistakes is much easier than you think, so learn how to avoid them.



“Love is…” Contest

If you want to go with something less risky for your Valentine’s Day marketing plan, you should know that playing the love card is always a safe bet.

Start a contest (and make sure to declare the prizes transparently – they are what will drive your correspondents to participate) and ask them to define love. This way, you’re not focusing on couples only, but your target group is, well, everyone.


Last Call Shoppers

A significant number of people in long-term relationships forget about this holiday (the majority of which are men). You shouldn’t allow yourself to forget to incorporate this group to your text message marketing strategy because:

  1. They will remember they forgot about the holiday when they see your text.
  2. They will be in need of a great solution as soon as possible.
  3. They won’t think about the budget limits too much in this kind of a hurry.

Again, this method too is a bit sneaky, but quite effective. So, ask your customers if perhaps they forgot about getting a Valentine’s Day gift, and if so, reassure them that you can come to the rescue.


Lovey-Dovey M-Coupons

Couples who don’t have problems remembering to get gifts might have issues deciding on what to do on the big evening. That’s where you come into play with a brilliant m-coupon that your Valentine’s Day messages will contain.

Considering the fact that all couples significantly differ from each other, you can offer them really anything from a for a romantic dinner to bungee jumping for two. Speaking of dinners – if you own a pizza place, you can find great ideas for texts here. So, find a good spin, make it fit into 160 characters, and expect a full house on the big day.



Go with Something Classic

This is one of the rare periods during the year when your customers won’t get annoyed with SMS promotions. Therefore, you can send your offer ten days earlier, then a week before, notify your customers that there are only a couple of days left, and don’t forget to text them the day before, and finally – wrap up your Valentine’s Day messages cycle with one last one on the February 14th.

So, it’s neither complicated nor expensive to build an effective Valentine’s Day marketing plan. You can decide on one target group, or attack the whole market. Naturally, your decision needs to be in accordance with your business, but chances are that you’ll be able to apply at least one strategy mentioned above.