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See What Capterra and G2 Crowd Reviews Reveal About Textedly

Dec 9, 2018

Textedly is a web-based self-service SMS marketing platform. The company was established in 2015 but has already achieved a high evaluation rate and trust from its customers. Textedly was ranked as a high performer in its service on G2 Crowd for 3 consecutive seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall 2018. The company works with businesses of all sizes, as well as restaurants, schools, real estate, service providers, and even religious enterprises.

Textedly is also among the best Capterra SMS platforms. Both G2 Crowd and Capterra are the world’s largest and most reliable business software solution review platforms. If you’re looking for the best SMS texting service to sign-up with, then keep reading to see the benefits Textedly offers and read through Capterra and G2 Crowd SMS platform reviews left by our clients about Textedly.

G2 crowd reviews

Text Messaging: The Most Powerful Platform to Reach Your Customers

SMS marketing is more relevant than ever. There are so many ways you can get to your customer, however, no marketing channel can guarantee that you actually reach the customer. Considering that 98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes, imagine what a huge coverage text messaging has. Working with the most reliable messaging platforms, such as Textedly, will ensure success and eliminate all the drawbacks of text messaging. Here’s how our customers rate our service:

Textedly G2 Crowd Capterra Reviews

User-Friendly Interface

Textedly uses a self-service platform that is super easy to use. Our user-friendly interface makes your text messaging experience more enjoyable and fast. You can log in from any computer, create your text campaign and send it to all your subscribers in no time. Also, you can create your message and schedule it for the time you want it to be sent.

Textedly G2 Crowd Capterra Reviews

Great Value For an Affordable Price

Textedly offers a great value for a fair price. SMS services had never been so affordable before Textedly appeared in the market. You get a great interface that’s easy to use and a chance to get your marketing to another level. And you get all of these for a great price. Capterra and G2 Crowd SMS platform reviews reveal that our customers are satisfied with the great service they get with Textedly, and for an affordable price.

Textedly G2 Crowd Capterra Reviews

Superior Customer Service

We have put a lot of effort into creating the best SMS services for you by making SMS marketing easy and accessible for all. We’ve helped numerous businesses to create effective messaging campaigns in no time and fulfill their business goals. We strive to create a superior customer service. Our Help Center is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help to deal with any issues in the process of using Textedly.

Textedly G2 Crowd Capterra Reviews

Effective Features

At Textedly, we offer many features that make the service superior over our competitors. Here are some of the greatest ones:

  • When the person subscribes to your texting services, besides getting their phone numbers, Textedly will also retrieve and impute state, city and ZIP code. You will also have an option of adding custom data fields in your subscribers’ form to get more information for your marketing campaigns.

  • With Textedly, you can track and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns via graphs and performance metrics.

  • If you can’t have access to your computer all the time, you can access your Textedly account from your mobile and send your texts or track your activity via your phone.

  • Textedly is one of the few companies that gives you the option of sending messages that are over 300 characters.

  • You can shorten the hyperlinks directing to your website or the landing page, thus using fewer characters of your message.

  • Textedly knows how important it is to connect and get feedback from customers. With the help of the inbox feature, you can chat with your customers for free.

Textedly G2 Crowd Capterra Reviews

Why Textedly?

Textedly is here to get your text message marketing to a completely new level and get you ahead of the competition. By using our messaging platform, you will significantly grow your marketing ROI. It is one of the best Capterra SMS platforms, and it has top reviews on G2 Crowd. 

Our team of professionals is working hard to perfect the platform and add more features so that our service is even more enjoyable and powerful. Start your journey today with Textedly, and embrace the power of SMS marketing.

Start Texting Your Customers for Free With Textedly