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SMS Marketing Analytics with Textedly

May 24, 2019

Marketing analytics is the process of measuring, analyzing and managing the performance of marketing strategies. Its goal is to help you increase the effectiveness of these strategies and optimize your ROI (return on investment).

It’s highly important for you as a business owner or as a marketer because it allows you to be more efficient and decrease the overall amount of wasted marketing budget. Analytics helps you determine whether or not your marketing strategies are working by gathering and measuring the relevant data. For good and quality marketing analytics data is required from all marketing channels which include web, social, email, blogs, reviews, text messages, etc.

If you are still wondering why marketing analytics is important and why you need to measure your efforts, here is to show you the significance of this procedure for your business: measuring your data will show you the precise results of your investments. This means that if something costs more than what it’s giving you back in return then you should either get rid of it or try to optimize it. Marketing analytics will do the work of finding out poor business strategies for you.

With the help of marketing analytics, you’ll be able to check your business operations and their individual upshots this way start using your resources more efficiently and wisely.


How Can SMS Marketing Analytics Help to Increase the Number of Customers?

SMS marketing, being one of the most popular and highly effective marketing strategies, should also come with correct analytics and data measurement.

First, it should be mentioned that SMS marketing implies a more personal contact with your customers and the latter will surely appreciate receiving relevant text messages from you. In order to run a successful SMS marketing campaign, you need to keep a few points in mind:

  • Keep your text messages short,

  • Personalize the messages by including the name of the recipient

  • Don’t send irrelevant texts to all your customers so as not to annoy them. Classify them into groups and send messages to those people who you are sure will be interested in your offer.

  • Keep the opting in and out simple - this is something that comes in naturally with SMS marketing though.

SMS marketing has a drastically high open rate (98%) and it takes about 90 seconds for a person to respond to a text message.

Now that we talked about the effectiveness of SMS marketing, let’s see how you can keep your text messaging campaigns successful with the help of good analytics. There are a few important points when it comes to SMS marketing analytics:

  • Tracking Click-Through Rates: With the right analytics tool, you’ll be able to know which of your visits are unique and which are returning visitors. The differentiation between unique visits and total visits is quite important for taking your further steps.

  • Conversion Rate: This is one of the most important metrics you will need to know for having your business become more efficient. This allows you to learn about the number of people who actually follow your call to action after opening your text messages.

  • Opt-Outs: Track your campaigns in most detail for reaching the best results and implementing better techniques in the future. Learn about the number of opt-outs and try to improve your campaigns and templates. Unsubscribing doesn’t always mean that the user doesn’t want to use your services anymore. It might just be the result of a wrongly monitored and organized campaign.

  • KPIs: Using key performance indicator (KPI) reports you will be able to stress the most important and valuable information thus helping your team and company make the best decisions regarding your future marketing and business strategies. High-quality KPI software will release you from unnecessary metrics and contribute to you and your team focusing on the essential points.

As you can see, data analytics will help you monitor and optimize your SMS marketing campaigns which will later increase the number of your customers and what’s more important, the number of those customers who will stick around with your company for a long while.


SMS Analytics with Textedly

Textedly takes SMS marketing to the next level. With our text messaging services, your SMS marketing campaigns will be correctly targeted this way increasing the interest of your target audience in your business.

The clients of Textedly include a wide variety of businesses (from small to already well-established and big ones). All of them are enjoying the fruitful SMS marketing campaigns of our company which bring them highly tangible results:

  • New Customers: With our text messaging campaigns that make use of keywords relevant to your business in the best way, your business will get more and more opt-ins.

  • Discounts and Alerts: You can create any type of business-relevant template for your text messaging campaigns with Textedly. Inform your customers about all the discounts and special offers that you have or simply send them alerts reminding them about the expiry date of an offer or a sales day. This way you will increase the level of customer engagement and will get higher sales.

  • Customer Service: Text messaging is also a way of improving your customer service and showing your customers that you actually care about them and about providing them with high-quality products and services. Textedly makes this possible.

Textedly is a great choice for all business owner, even if you are a newbie in this, you can freely trust our team and we’ll take care of all your text messaging needs. Creating is an effective SMS marketing campaign has never been this easy - all you need to do is log in to your account, choose your subscribers, write the text message and click the “Send” button. Easy as that!

As for the data measurement, that’s also at the top level with Textedly. You can access to Textedly analytics on each text messaging campaign and acquire all the needed information. Our online platform will let you review the delivery rates, advanced analytics and any new sales gained due to a given campaign.

You will also see the responses of your customers to your text messages, if you wish, you can turn on instant alerts for getting their replies. This message analytics page will enhance your SMS marketing efforts and result in getting better results in the response rates and in your future text messaging campaigns.

There is no reason why you wouldn’t make use of such a great marketing tool that’s both effective and affordable. Don’t think twice, sign up for our 14-day free trial and start boosting your business today!


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