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SMS Promotions for Black Friday Done Right

Nov 28, 2019

The Popularity of Black Friday Promotions 

Marking the beginning of the Christmas season shopping, Black Friday is getting bigger than ever. According to Adobe Analytics data, last year’s Black Friday sales have exceeded the sales volume of the year prior by a whopping 23.6%. With companies trying to get a piece of the huge pie which generates billions, there are all sorts of promotion tricks and tools to attract customers and leverage sales. You can see discount and special bundle deals at every corner, while social media platforms are being bombarded with all kinds of sponsored and paid promotions, and people’s inboxes get loaded with drip campaign emails. And it all makes sense. After all, this is a golden opportunity for your business to hit the jackpot.


The Role of SMS Marketing in Black Friday Promotions and How to Take Advantage of It

With all these mainstream marketing strategies out there you want to make sure to put time and resources in those that actually reach out to your target audiences effectively and generate engagement. This means that your message has to be seen and heard for potential customers to take action. No one will be tempted by your special deals and discounts if they don’t know about it, right? So, what’s the best way to reach out to your customers? Online campaigns and social media? Very effective. However, this might leave out the older demographic and those hard-core Black Friday fans, who prefer “hunting” offline and are not as active on these platforms. Emails? Also very effective. But there is a chance that some of your emails go either to the spam or promotion folders, and  might sit there unopened for days or even weeks. You can have the best deals and discounts in the world, but what’s the use if your customers are not aware of them?

You want to use something to target everyone, no matter the activity level on the web and preferred shopping method. People are glued to their mobile phones, so utilizing SMS marketing for your Black Friday campaign might do the trick. Even if there is no active internet connection, even if your target customer does not use a smartphone, or simply doesn’t check social media and emails every hour. Besides being a tool with a much larger reaching potential than any other tool available, SMS marketing offers you a good chance that your target customer will receive your Black Friday text promotion and see it. Research estimates that that SMS open rates are as high as a whopping 82.1%! This is compared to only 17.92% for emails. 

Now, it’s your job to trigger your target customers’ interest, when they do. Leverage SMS marketing wisely to level-up your Black Friday campaign, to get the most out of it and generate not only interest but also conversions. You have a quick and easy tool at your disposal to inform your customers about a great deal they wouldn’t want to miss out on. Use SMS marketing to inform, trigger interest and call for action during Black Friday. Without these three elements, the deals you offer won’t generate more sales for your business, even if they are out of this world. Another important advantage of SMS marketing is that it will be quite simple and convenient to see how much engagement your text messages generate. This is collectable data, and data is always useful for the business and your strategies for the next Black Friday. The cool thing about SMS marketing is that it can literally be implemented in any industry, as long as your targeted audience has a phone and a sim card!



 Black Friday SMS Tips

So, you got the message to your audience, and they have most likely seen it. Now, let’s go through some useful tips to get the best out of SMS marketing for your Black Friday campaign.

Black Friday Sales Texts


SMS Drip Campaigns 

No matter what you’re offering, SMS drip campaigns are a great way to get started. There’s no need to manually schedule messages, unlike normal campaigns. A drip campaign is designed to send SMS automatically. After you create a campaign, it will work on its own. Think of it as a very disciplined shadow-employee who is always on time. This will save you lots of time and effort. Drip campaigns can be of great use for welcoming newcomers and keeping your older customers updated on news. With the added advantages that SMS has over email drip campaign, it’s a good way to get more conversion and target the audience you want at the right time while saving effort.

Targeting Buyers with SMS 

Do research on your target demographics: examine the geography, age groups, interests, buying habits, the frequency of purchases, likelihood of referrals. Now, analyse this data and put yourself in their shoes. You want to offer them a relevant product based on the data you gathered. . So, you have done your research on your target demographics, analysed the data, and know exactly what to offer them. Here’s a couple of tips to use an SMS campaign to make those Black Friday offers effectively. 


Be Bold!

Keep your texts catchy, to grab attention. Avoid generic texts and don’t be afraid to be bold with your words for Black Friday promotions. “Oh no! Black Friday is right around the corner and you’re missing out on something PHENOMENAL!”

Sounds explosive, doesn’t it? A great way to level-up amazing offers is to make them explosive and set a time limit. This is a great way to call for action by targeting your customers’ fear of missing out.  


Keep it Short

Try to also keep it short and intriguing for best results. Give the customer the trigger, but don’t overdo it. Give them a sneak peak, but keep some mystery to make your customer tempted to follow up. “Have you not seen our very special Black Friday bundles just for you yet?! Check it out at X!”.

However, make sure to use the character count for you Black Friday text messages wisely. And if you absolutely must have a larger character count, make sure you do it the smart way. 


Make it Personalized

Another important aspect to generate more engagement from your target audience is personalization. If you have a list, use the customer’s name in your text, to add a hint of personalization. Make your customers feel special.


SMS Updates on Delivery, Prices and Stock Availability 

SMS marketing is all about communicating with your customers. Update your target audience on better Black Friday sale prices for products they might be interested in. Also, keep them updated on their order’s delivery status. You will make their job so much easier by doing so. Checking tracking information can sometimes be a hassle. Especially during Black Friday this information takes longer to be updated than usual due to order volumes. If you keep them updated through SMS, this gesture will be much appreciated, since you’re making their life easier. Make sure you inform your target about your stock availability. Let them know when something is running out of stock. This will trigger a sense of urgency, and if it’s something your target would be willing to buy, they will be more likely to take action, when it’s about to slip out of their hands.



Upselling Through SMS 

Now that your SMS marketing campaign for the Black Friday sale has generated a substantial conversion rate, make sure to keep your customers interested during the whole holiday shopping season to come. You don’t want to lose your target audience’s interest after that single Friday. A great way to do this is to send them texts about products they might like, based on what they have purchased and/ or viewed. That product could be something complementary to what they already bought, or a substitute for something they didn’t manage to get because it was out of stock. People are already spending money on Black Friday, because they get good deals. They plan ahead and are prepared to buy more than they normally would. So upselling is a great way to leverage even more sales for you company.  


After Your Black Friday SMS Sales


Now you've automated text messaging (link to respective automation page) to increase black friday sales, there's room for measurement and positioning for future sales and increasing retention from your new buyers. Based off our experience, here's how to grab lessons from your black friday sms campaign that will allow to boost sales approaching the remainder of the season and prep for an even higher sales generating Black Friday in 2020.


Ask for Feedback 

Remember how we mentioned personalization? Your customers want to feel that you care about them. A great way to demonstrate this is to ask for their opinion on your product. 

Send a text messaging sequence not only asking about how they liked their Black Friday purchases but also about the overall customer experience. Ask them if they are happy with the delivery dates. Ask them whether something can be improved. You want to show that you value their opinion and want to make sure your customers are provided with the best experience possible. Sending SMS for customer feedback is a great way to make your audience feel important and bond with your brand.



This is a great chance to subtly highlight features of textedly that capitalize on text data analyzation related to sales. 


SMS marketing could be very useful for your Black Friday campaign, if done right. Utilize this tool and take advantage of it the smart way. Target the right people, at the right time, and rest assured that your message is delivered.


These SMS marketing strategies require an advanced software with the right features to back up your plan of action. If you need a hand executing the SMS marketing, Textedly is here to help! We believe in the importance of customer experience and aim to provide easy-to-integrate solutions for your business. We’re here to assist you in saving time and effort, while creating a personalized approach for your customers to trigger maximal engagement with your business for Black Friday and the upcoming holiday sales season. Get started with Textedly’s free trial to kickstart your SMS marketing campaign. We’re just one form-to-fill away.


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