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Jul 4, 2017

Summer Has Arrived! Hot MMS Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your Business

 Summer is here! Besides good weather, vacations and time outside with family or friends, it’s also the best time to get started with summer marketing campaigns and promotions at full speed. The success of a company’s marketing campaign depends on the ability to reach customers through the trendiest communication channels.

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With the growing use of sma rtphones, MMS or “Multimedia Messaging Service” is on the rise, and smart marketers are taking notes. MMS offers way extensive core functionality than its older sibling - SMS. Along with all the benefits of plain text messaging, such as immediate delivery, high open and response rates, MMS offers a few more perks. While the character limit of one SMS message is 160 characters, MMS allows the delivery of multimedia content, such as picture text messages of almost unlimited characters (1600), and audio or video files.

Since many people have better visual and auditory memory, MMS messages are more likely to grab customers’ attention and to be memorized. Take a moment and think how you react when you are on the receiving end. Do you have the same response to a plain text message and to a visually appealing offer? Which message is more likely to incite you to take action? Most probably the one that’s pleasing to the eye and stimulating.

If you are looking to increase customer interaction through MMS marketing campaign:

  • Start using your SMS subscribers’ list to be sure that customers who receive your MMS text messages have opted in for the service and you are in line with the law. If you haven’t yet got a subscribers’ list, there are two ways to encourage your customers to opt in for your MMS marketing: “click-to-join” web widgets placed on websites and social media networks or “keyword-to short-code” services.
  • Facilitate your campaign, develop an online database and monitor open and engagement rates using an MMS marketing software. It will help you schedule your campaign in advance and have the messages delivered to your targets’ phones on the right time to attract the most attention. Since an MMS messaging software is an online platform, you can control you campaign via any internet-connected device.

Here are some ideas that will help you create a cool MMS marketing campaign and increase customer engagement in terms of foot traffic, online orders and customer loyalty.


 Send offers in colorful images

If you want to introduce your new product to your customers, do that by sending out a colorful image to show the best features of your product. In order to take it further and  increase foot traffic, include a text message inviting your customers to drop in to receive a special discount or to win the product shown in the picture. If you have a big subscribers’ list, divide it into smaller groups according to sex, age, specific needs and interests and send relevant messages. The same food might not be equally interesting to a vegan and non-vegan customer, just like anti-aging skincare is hardly relevant for people at their 20s. Instead, customized content always leads to high interaction and engagement rates.


Run a vote

Send out a picture to your customers featuring two of your products and call them to vote for their favorite one. Create a simple voting system introducing a keyword for each of your products, such as BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP vs CANNELLINI BRUSCHETTA and ask your clients to vote for their favorite one. This will allow you to learn about the preferences of your customers and create two new targeted lists for future offers. In order to reward the clients for voting you can set up an auto-reply system offering an exclusive deal for the product of their choice.



Run a contest

MMS contests are another effective way to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. In one of its
summer campaigns Starbucks invited its customers to participate in a Trivia contest via SMS. The participants entered into a prize drawing and were also added to a list of summer deals alerts. Then the coffee giant sent MMS text messages to the customers informing about special deals and offers.

If you are a restaurant, you can ask your customers to send you picture text messages sharing their best homemade recipes. On the next step you can run an online contest and reward the winner with an exclusive deal, for instance a free dinner for two. You can include some of the most voted recipes in your menu to encourage further interaction and engagement.

In order to receive response messages from your customers you should use inbound Multimedia Messaging Service (such as Textedly). You can have people reply your messages or submit files without the headache of downloading or installing a messaging app.


Send out coupons and special offers

Everyone loves exclusive offers. MMS is a good way to send out coupons, special deals and discounts to reward your customers for their loyalty or give them a little nudge to make a purchase. As over 80 % of text messages are opened only within a few minutes of delivery you can be sure that coupons sent out in the form of an MMS message will lead to real-time interaction. So it’s also a good way to track the ROI of your  MMS marketing campaign.



Always remember!

Keep in touch with your customers on a personal level. People who have signed up for your messages would probably like to be notified about your new products and offers. Share your success stories with them and ask for feedback or suggestions for further improvement. Send out audios or videos on special occasions, such as birthdays. If known, include customers’ names in the message to add even more personal touch and watch customer interaction and brand loyalty soar.

Now that you’ve got these ideas for a successful MMS marketing campaign you can adjust them to the needs of your company and kick your summer marketing campaign into high gear. Be creative and make sure to keep up with the latest trends of MMS marketing.


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