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Text Messaging for Floral Businesses

Jun 5, 2019

It’s no news that SMS marketing has become a huge trend among a variety of businesses. Being one of the most effective marketing strategies, it’s also highly affordable and easy to use which make it a great choice even for small businesses.

When it comes to floral businesses, it’s not always that they can boast a large budget. Most florists operate small businesses directed at the local customer base which can’t always bring enough profit for supporting the traditional means of advertising. This is exactly why SMS marketing becomes simply the best option for them.

If you are an owner of a floral business then keep reading to find out the ways in which you can grow your bottom line and brand recognition with the help of text messaging campaigns.

How Can SMS Marketing Grow Your Floral Business?

SMS marketing comes with a wide range of opportunities for business development. If used wisely, these opportunities will turn into tangible results - this is true for floral businesses as well.

The competition among florists is quite fierce, however, with the right marketing strategy you can make your name known and get a solid place in the market. To help you make the most out of SMS marketing, we have collected a few tips on how to use it in the right and well-thought well:


  • Increase Brand Awareness: This can be done by inserting a link to your website in the text messages and making clever and engaging ads. Make sure to have a clear call-to-action and a message that is relevant to the customer you are sending. Using text messaging campaigns cleverly, you will be able to increase your brand awareness and acquire a  high recognition among your potential customers.

  • Accept Orders via Text Messages:   Make your loyal customers feel special and appreciated by letting them make orders        of flowers via SMS. Many people would rather text than call - take the chance and make things easier and more  convenient for your clients.      

  • Use Referrals:  Another way of gaining more clients is by using the text message scheme “refer a friend.” In exchange, offer your clients or referrers different percentage-based discounts, vouchers, or coupons. As for the clients who will come to you through these referrals, you can offer them moderate discounts too as an indication of customer-oriented policy.

  • Send Reminders: Tell your customers about different special events reminding them of buying flowers for their loved one. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, holidays “Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.). Don’t forget to attach a link that contains a list of your most beautiful flowers and bouquets.


As you can see, SMS marketing actually comes with a number of different ways or tools that will help you promote your floral business and gain new customers who will later turn into loyal ones if you keep making the right SMS marketing decisions.


Benefits of SMS Marketing for Floral Businesses

In order to give you a more clear idea on why SMS marketing is the best choice for boosting and enriching your floral business, we have made a list of its main benefits. The latter will be already noticeable within a short period of time after you start implementing well-targeted and relevant text messaging campaigns:

  • High Response Rates: It goes without saying that SMS marketing has one of the highest open rates out there - about 98%. This is because pretty much everyone in the world owns a cell phone and checks it hundreds of times during the day. Not to mention that reading a text message doesn’t require an Internet connection which makes things easier for everyone. So, the customer will receive your text instantly, will read it within a minute and if interested in your offer, will respond right after. You can surely expect a high response rate with SMS marketing - in the end, if customers have allowed you such personal contact with them, it means they are actually interested in your services.


  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving:  SMS marketing is all about easiness and speed. Organizing an SMS marketing campaign is utterly simple - you just need to be relevant and not annoy your customers with unnecessary information. Besides being affordable, text messaging can save money for your budget in other ways too. E.g., a delivery confirmation would surely save your team a wasted and useless trip.

    Your flower deliveries can be confirmed with the help of Textedly’s high-quality SMS marketing services.

  • Increased Revenue: By promoting your floral business via text messaging campaigns, you will soon notice a revenue rise together with the increase in the number of your customers. The customers are the fuel of your bottom line - increase their loyalty by sending the right text messages to the right people, this will naturally lead to a rise in the bottom line.

  • Solid Customer Database: The customers you acquire due to text messaging campaigns will form your customer database. This will help you learn about their preferences in a more orderly manner and send improved targeted messages about your special offers or events. You can even put them into groups and send more personalized and relevant messages (speaking about personalized - don’t forget to include names in the texts).


If you are looking for the best and highest quality SMS marketing services then Textedly is what you need. Due to our text messaging campaigns you will witness a customer flow in your floral business pretty soon. Simply provide your customers with the most beautiful and fresh flowers and let us do the marketing for you.

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