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The Hotel Mobile Marketing Guide You Need

Jan 15, 2019

Today, our daily life is more digitalized than ever and smartphones play a huge role in this. The rise of smartphones has transformed our lives in many ways. Businesses too have undergone many changes in order to adapt to the new digitalized mode of life. Mobile marketing has become increasingly important for the hospitality industry, and more specifically the hotel sector. Mobile marketing for the hotel sector represents a huge potential for growth and engagement.

If we take a look across the hotel industry, we’ll see that hotel giants are actively utilizing mobile marketing. For instance, Hilton Hotels account 20% of the bookings to their mobile app. In North America, the number of bookings made through mobile apps is around 28%. Mobile marketing for hotel business is very important and we’ll explore the best strategies that you should consider.

Best Mobile Marketing Strategies for Hotel Businesses


1. Mobile Social Media

Social media has to play a crucial role in your marketing strategy. If you still think that social media marketing is a luxury, then you’re most definitely lagging behind. If used properly, social media will drive your traffic and boost your sales. It’s time to forget about Millenials, and start to think about Generation Z. Gen Z is the future and the future is already here. The most tech-savvy people, who feel comfortable about any technology and are used to surfing the Internet from a young age belong to Gen Z.

Consider the following formula for your social media postings:

  • Storytell on Facebook

  • Listen on Twitter

  • Create art on Instagram

  • Glam it up on Pinterest

If you take this formula as a rule of thumb for your social media postings, you’ll be able to create an actionable strategy and drive more traffic.


2. Produce Mobile-Friendly Travel Content

When you create a website, you have to make sure to develop a mobile version too. People spend a lot of time on their phones, and most even do research directly from their mobiles. So making sure that your website is mobile-friendly is very important. A mobile version means a better user experience, and thereby, a more satisfied visitor. Also, if your website doesn’t have a mobile version it will rank much lower in the Google search. Even if you have great content and good SEO, not having a mobile version will affect your ranking adversly.


3. Strengthen Local SEO

The hotel industry is facing an immense competition and has to make an extra effort to be on top. Traditionally, local SEO was used to help smal businesses with their local ranking. Nowadays, many hotels use local SEO for more effective ranking in the search engines. Whether you are a small boutique hotel or a part of a big chain, you want and need to improve your local SEO. Here are the advantages of a local SEO:

  • Since hotel businesses are the most competitive and customer-centric ones, you want to ensure to show an active presence in all local directories.

  • By providing accurate information in your citations and optimizing Google Maps, you guarantee that customers will easily find you at all times.



4. Local Mobile Search Ads

Local search ads have a bunch of benefits. They help customers learn about your hotel business, they can include options to call your location, and they will also drive more traffic to your websites. Local mobile search ads will put your link at the top of the search results when someone searches for the business. Since people do most of the research local-wisely, it’s important to optimize your ads locally.


5. SMS Marketing

Following the SMS marketing trends, this platform is a must-have for any business, especially if it’s so customer-centric. In general, the best reach out service for the hospitality industry is mass texting. As hotels are the biggest part of the hospitality sector, we will consider some tips for using text messages in hotel management and customer support.


  • Send a message when a booking is made: When the person makes a booking, you want to text them the details of the booking. The main idea is to make the user experience more enjoyable. Send them all the necessary information via email, so that they have everything under their hands.

  • Send important details via a message, once the customer arrives: Once your clients arrive, you can use SMS services to communicate with them and deliver all the important information regarding the hotel. For example, you can text them the Wifi password, the working hours of your hotel’s staff, restaurants and gym.

  • Send reminders, notifications and updates: Consider using mass texting services for sending your customers reminders about their table reservations or notifications about a SPA treatment they’ve booked. You can also use SMS to update your clients about unexpected changes regarding their bookings.

  • Text your guests special offers and how to claim them: SMS services are most widely used for promotions. Send your current guests a coupon code for a one-time visit to the SPA center, gym or a discount code for the restaurant.

Textedly - the Game Changer for your SMS Marketing

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  • Analytics

  • and most importantly, it’s secure and confidential.

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