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Oct 5, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why Subscribers Are Ignoring Your Text Messages

Email may be one of the most effective communication channels when it comes to reaching out to your target customers and engaging them in your brand, but text messaging is becoming more and more popular in the business world, as it can bring you much more benefits.

Why exactly is that? It is because people don’t leave their homes without a mobile phone these days and they always keep them within arm’s reach so, with text messaging, you can reach quite a large number of your target customers and try and communicate your brand message. Moreover, text messages have an open rate of 98%, and all those messages are read within five minutes.

However, besides finding the best text service for business that will help you expand your customer base and generate more ROI, you need to know how to do it right. You cannot just spend a few minutes typing your SMS copy, without even trying to make it compelling and engaging, and send it out to a lot of people who may not even be interested in your brand.

You need to identify your target audience first and write a copy tailored to their needs, not to mention that you need to work on an enticing CTA that will pull in the right type of customers. Otherwise, not only would you only get very few subscribers, but you would also make your current subscribers opt out of your text marketing campaign. Take a look at the top reasons why your subscribers may be ignoring your sms messages, so that you can make sure that you improve your campaign.

Sending Too Many Text Messages

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This is where lots of people make a mistake, because when it comes to SMS for business, you will not get better results if you push it too hard. People simply don’t want to receive too many text messages from brands and, if you contact your subscribers that way frequently or even every day, all you will achieve is annoying them and making them unsubscribe.

Even your most loyal customers will get tired of all the promotional messages if you send too many of them, and you will come off as someone who is desperate to make a sale. Therefore, decide on an optimal frequency of text messages that you will send each month and stick to it. That way, your subscribers will know how many messages to expect from you and you will increase their trust and loyalty.

Sending Text Messages at the Wrong Time of Day

Sending your text messages at the right time of day is very important, which you can determine by getting to know your target recipients better. For instance, if they are professionals with 9-5 jobs, the best time to send them SMS messages would be after they finish their work. Lunch time can also be effective if you are running a retail store, for instance, as you can compel them to swing by after work and check out your offer.

Sending text messages at the wrong time of day would only result in them not being opened, and all you would end up with is wasted time, not to mention wasted money. Therefore, determine the best time to send text messages that will actually work for your business and always stick to it.

Sending Too Many Irrelevant or Spammy Messages

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Just as sending too many text messages is the wrong approach, so is sending too many that are completely irrelevant to your subscribers. Would you want to keep receiving messages that don’t interest you one single bit? Of course not.

Thoroughly think about your subscribers and take their needs and preferences into account, so that you can make sure that you send them relevant messages that will actually benefit them. Don’t be a spammer, but consider what they want and provide them with real incentives, because that is the only way that you will engage them and make them look forward to your next offer.

Sending Text Messages to Unqualified Subscribers

If you have perhaps built your subscriber list without clearly identifying your target audience first, then it shouldn’t really be a surprise that most of your recipients are ignoring your text messages. Moreover, if you bought the list for your text messaging campaign and continue to put effort into sending messages to the wrong audience, you will never improve your SMS open rates, not to mention that you will never be able to convert as many people as you want and need.

Rather than sending your SMS messages to unqualified subscribers, make sure that you try and engage only those who will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Running a campaign that includes lots of random numbers will get you nowhere, because it’s not about the number of subscribers – it’s about the number of engaged subscribers.

Having an Unpredictable Schedule


Just as sending messages at the right time of day is essential when it comes to SMS for business, so is sticking to that particular time. Having a predictable schedule will make your subscribers more engaged, because they will know when to expect your messages. They will know exactly when you will present them with a new offer, so they will always stay on the lookout.

On the other hand, an unpredictable schedule may eventually disengage your subscribers and they may grow tired of your offers. They may not opt out of your list, but you will not get the response rates that you want, whereas a fixed schedule creates a routine that increases engagement and loyalty.

These are the most common reasons why your subscribers may be ignoring your text messages, so make sure that you don’t make the aforementioned mistakes if you want your every text messaging campaign to yield positive results. Before launching your campaign, make sure that you come up with the best SMS marketing strategy that will work for your brand and choose the best text service for business that will enable you to seamlessly send your text messages.