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Jun 20, 2019

Text Messaging Solutions for Healthcare Centers

SMS marketing slowly but with steady steps is also emerging into hospitals and healthcare centers. For a short time, it was disputable whether healthcare centers should use mass text messaging for contacting their patients. The reason for this was the security of patients i.e. whether or not it was secure to use the information of patients for a SMS marketing platform.

However, the doubts have long gone now because if done properly with all the needed confidentiality measures, text messaging won’t risk any personal data of your patient. Moreover, it will ease the job of healthcare workers by letting them focus on taking proper care of the patients.

SMS for healthcare is one of the best and most effective ways of keeping in touch with your patients and it comes with a number of benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: Text message marketing will highly decrease the administrative work you have to do. This way, your and your fellow doctors’ efficiency and productivity will essentially rise.

  • New Patients: When you send useful information, medical reports and prescription data via text messages, patients become interested and opt into your service. As you keep the quality and consistency in this, you see a growth in your patient database.

  • Raised Awareness: Text messaging will also be proof that you really care about the health of your patients. A way to do this is by sending mass text messages to your patients about dangerous diseases and raising their awareness.

There are a number of ways text messaging for healthcare. We have singled out 5 most effective solutions for reaching out to your patients via SMS marketing:


1. Appointment Reminders

SMS marketing will help you forget about the annoyance that missed appointments cause. With text messaging you’ll not have to lose time anymore. Your patients will always be notified about their upcoming appointments in case they have forgotten. They will be able to reply to your message informing you about whether or not they’re coming.

Besides, sending personalized appointment reminders is not just saving you time but also money. Put your funds to better use by essentially reducing the number of missed appointments. Here is an example that proves the negative impact of missed appointments on your budget.

An appointment reminder should include the date and time of the appointment, the provider’s name and surname and the address.


2. Alerts and Updates

Another good way to keep in touch with your patients is by sending them regular alerts and updates. The alerts can be generic reminders to your patients letting them know that it’s time to get their annual flu shot or come for a check-up. You can also send test results to your patients as soon as they are ready.

You can also keep your patients updated about the latest news in the healthcare sector by inserting article links in your text messages. Also, send them general health tips and self-care advice to remind them about the importance of health education.


3. Texts for Better Office Management and Logistics Improvement

Text messaging is also a good way of improving your healthcare center’s office management and logistics. It’s an easy means of communication for carrying out such tasks as shift assignments (letting your healthcare staff know about important schedule updates or changes), maintenance requests, etc. It is also a good way to keep contact with your equipment vendors.

Besides, if emergency situations happen, e.g., if you need a substitute to cover a shift, you can send quick text messages to all your big staff members at once and find the substitute in a matter of minutes.

As for the improvement of logistics, you can send order confirmations and package delivery notifications to your customers as well as track the updates via mass texting.


4. Patient Relationships Improving Messages

A way to show your patients that you care is by sending them different text messages that show your attention as a doctor or a healthcare specialist. For example, if your patient is leaving the hospital, you can send him/her a text message wishing wellness and quick recovery.

Be sure that your patients will appreciate this and will recommend your center to others who are in need of good and qualified doctors. Besides, such texts help you get to know your patients in a better way too.

Another way to improve your services and this way your relationships with your patients is by getting feedback from them. Send patient satisfaction surveys by inserting the corresponding link into the text messages and learn about what your patients think about you and your services.


5. Private Notifications

Bulk texting opens a wide range of opportunities for the workers of healthcare centers. It simplifies not only their tasks but also makes things much easier for patients.

As already mentioned, you can send the test results to your patients via a text message. Just insert the link to the results in the text message and send it to your patient. This way your patients won’t have to come to your hospital or healthcare center in order to learn about the results.

You can also send them notifications about the prescriptions - e.g., if your patient has requested medication from your center, just send them a quick text message and let them know that the requested prescription is available and that they can already take the medication.

It’s no news that SMS marketing is a great way of contacting patients and customers. It’s not only affordable but also comes with an open rate of 98% making it a highly effective marketing strategy. People always check their phones, moreover, they do it hundreds of times during the day so you can rest assured that your text message won’t go unnoticed. They will surely and especially be interested in reading a message from their doctor or healthcare center.


SMS and text messaging solutions for healthcare centers


The above-mentioned points are enough to prove to you how efficient and beneficial it will be for your healthcare center or hospital to start using text messaging as a way of keeping in touch with your patients.

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