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Jul 29, 2020

Americans send roughly 26 billion text messages every day – so you’ve likely seen the acronym “SMS” being thrown around. But if you’re not familiar with common text message lingo, you may be wondering – what’s the difference between an SMS and a text?

Alessia Scott
Jul 22, 2020

Advancements in technology have paved new ways for criminals to extort money and steal information from consumers. One new and increasingly common method is through spam text messages.

Jessie Chantel
SMS Marketing Tips SMS Marketing for Business
Mar 21, 2019

6 Cost-Effective Ways to Raise Brand Recognition with SMS Marketing

Brand recognition is one of the most important aspects of your company’s marketing strategy because if you lack it then how are you going to gain profits and develop your business? You might think that reaching a high level of recognition might be an expensive process, especially if you have a low budget, but there are always alternative and affordable ways. One of these ways is SMS marketing which has become a huge trend among businesses in recent years as it offers speed, affordability and high effectiveness. What else would your business need for reaching brand recognition if not text messaging?

Via SMS marketing you can reach your customers knowing that this marketing strategy comes with high deliverability and unmatched open rates. The experience with bulk SMS marketing has shown that nearly 98% of all text messages are opened and 95% are read within the first 3 minutes. This can lead to really good results in generating brand recognition. Here’s why brand awareness matters: brand recognition indicates the level of familiarity of your target audience with your business. If your brand is well-known, it means that you are building trust. Consumers usually choose the brands which are the most recognized and have the highest amount of positive reviews. Besides, with brand recognition, you will be able to establish brand equity. Brand equity is your brand’s value which is built via the experiences of your customers. Positive experiences result in positive brand equity. The latter can lead to your products prices increase as they will be perceived as highly valuable. You will also be able to expand your business and why not, have enough power for social impact. If you promote your business successfully and build brand awareness, you will be able to put the foundations of positive brand equity.


Gain Brand Recognition through SMS Marketing: 6 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tips

Brand recognition can be highly increased by means of SMS marketing, which, as already mentioned before, is one of the most affordable and effective marketing strategies. We have singled out 6 cost-effective ways which will let you have your business promoted and achieve high brand awareness:


1. Target Those Customers Who Want to Receive Your Messages

Research your target audience thoroughly in order to understand who your customers are and to whom your product is directed to - the exact age group, maybe location, other demographic data, etc. You don’t want to annoy your potential customers all the time with text messaging. The messages they receive from you must be relevant and important to them and their needs. If that’s not the case, the probability that you will have many unsatisfied customers who want to leave or unsubscribe from getting your text messages will increase highly. This is why knowing your customers is of crucial importance. You can use a CRM app in order to measure the success of your text messaging campaigns. Even when knowing your exact target audience, you shouldn’t send all your text messaging campaigns to all of them every time. This can be done in case of bulk messages for general sales and promotions that are beneficial for all your customers.

When it comes to specific messages, make sure you are sending the right messages to the right customers. E.g., if you have produced something aimed to be consumed by people over 40, you don’t want to annoy your younger customers by notifying them about the promotions related to that specific product. Easy as that!

2. Ensure That Your Customers Value Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Text messaging is direct and personal access to your customers and only when being helpful and effective, can it be valued by your customers. Here are a few tips to help you make your SMS marketing campaigns fruitful and valued by your target audience:

  • Value Proposition: Offer a positive value proposition that you are sure will be helpful for your customers. Ensure that they can clearly understand what your brand offers otherwise, your text messaging campaigns will have no value.

  • Well-Thought Mobile Engagement: Use data-driven automation solutions and increase your budget efficiency by getting rid of all hard bounces, invalid numbers, and duplicates.

  • Be Concise and On-Time: Your content should attract the customer at first sight. Be sure to stick to the point right away. Test the content and the timing of your delivery in order to optimize and improve them. The messages should be sent during the time of the day when your customers are most likely to open and read them (e.g., Mondays have a low response rate).

3. Choose the Right Texting Tips and Tricks

Text messaging seems to be a simple marketing tool that can be handled easily, but there are certain delicate details that you should keep in mind before starting your text messaging campaigns:

  1. Don’t miss the holidays, such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. People look for special offers and promotions during these days which can be a real catch for your brand recognition.

  2. Before inserting a link into your text message, be sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

  3. Make the opting out process as easy as possible. It’s normal for some people to leave you, besides, you don’t want to spend money on those customers from whom you won’t get feedback.

  4. Your sender ID can be one of the best tricks for attracting your customers. Be creative and don’t be afraid to use humor when you feel it will be relevant to the context. Holidays are a good reason to be especially creative with your ID.

  5. Personalize your text messaging. Include each customer’s name in the text messages and approach them individually to make them feel special.

  6. Have expiration dates for your offers and promotions. Seeing that a special offer is not going to last forever, customers will be driven to make a purchase from you.

  7. Keep track of your results, of the number of customers who opt in or opt out and analyzing all of this choose the campaigns that worked the best.

  8. Be consistent and have a certain messaging plan. Send the text messages according to this plan, e.g., every week, month, etc.

  9. Have a clear call to action.

  10. Correct spelling is a must. Even a single spelling mistake can draw a customer back and reduce trust. Correctness refers not only to the spelling but also the data you include in your message. Be concise and accurate.

4. Enhance the Connection Between Text Messages and Website Content

Use mass texting effectively - if you have published your upcoming promotions on your website, be sure to keep your customers informed about them via text messaging as well. Don’t miss out on anything.

5. Be the Main Source of Information

Develop a blog on your website where you talk about all the possible aspects of your brand, business and products or services in different blog posts. Keep people informed about everything related to your field and be the main source of information in your sphere so as to drive more traffic. Use this information in text messages, insert relevant links and build trust among your customers. This is another way of showing that you are taking your work seriously and that you do care about your customers.

6. Aim to Get Feedback from Customers

In the end, what’s the main aim of all your text messaging campaigns if not getting customers to make a purchase from you and leave positive feedback? For example, with texting automation and an automated survey right after the customer has made a purchase, the likelihood that a customer will come up with a response is quite high. Besides, sending surveys via text messages makes things much easier for customers. All it takes them is just a one-word quick answer or a 1-10 rating. Feedback from customers hugely affects your brand recognition as it forms a reputation for your brand and attracts new customers. The main way to get positive feedback from your audience is quite simple - provide them with high-standard products and do right SMS marketing.

Use SMS marketing correctly by carrying out highly productive text messaging campaigns and enhance your brand recognition by following our quick tips. Making your brand’s name known is possible, you just need to take the right marketing actions! 

Jessie Chantel
SMS Marketing Tips SMS Marketing for Business
Feb 20, 2019

5 Text Messaging Tips You Should Know

Customers satisfaction rate is the most important success criteria for all businesses because any business would cease to exist if it fails to satisfy its customers. Text marketing is a great way to spice up your marketing efforts and create more effective ways to connect to your audience. You can increase customer loyalty and retain your clients using texting campaigns. There are common text messaging tips following which you will increase the effectiveness of your text message services. Keep reading to learn about the top 5 of the most common text marketing tips.

Jessie Chantel
SMS Marketing for Business sms marketing best practices
Feb 17, 2019

10 Common SMS Marketing Campaign Mistakes To Avoid

Text message marketing has revived during the last several years with the growth of smartphone users worldwide. In 2019, the number of people using a smartphone in the US only is estimated to reach 248.68 million. SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that can help you retain your customers. However, it can also make you lose a lot of your subscribers if you keep making some basic mistakes. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 fatal SMS marketing mistakes, which can cost you your reputation.

Jessie Chantel
SMS Marketing for Business
Jan 27, 2019

How Does SMS Geofencing Actually Work?

People use their phones 24/7 and don’t want to separate even for a second. Research by Pew Research Center has revealed that 85% of young adults in the US own a smartphone. The big trend of mobile phones has transformed the traditional way businesses did their marketing. With more technological advancement, a new marketing channel has evolved which is known as geofencing. Essentially this is a virtual fence around a geographical area defined in advance, and once a user enters this area, it triggers an action. Chances are, you have already heard about this but haven't realised it yet. This is because despite it’s relatively recent popularity as a marketing tool, geofencing has been around for much longer than you would imagine. Earlier systems used to be quite expensive and were mostly used in livestock industries to track herds of cattle through GPS, and when the herd left the predefined zone, the farmers would get an alert from the system. Now, geofencing has evolved into a unique marketing tool for industries way beyond livestock. In this article, we will learn about SMS geofencing and answer the most important question: how does SMS geofencing work?

Alessia Scott
SMS Marketing for Business Online Sales
Jan 18, 2019

5 Ways to Enhance Your Store Sales

The main goal of any store is to increase its revenue and get bigger sales. But not all marketers are taking accurate steps towards increasing store sales. Most are using strategies that are quite expensive and not efficient enough. For example, many companies invest heavily in customer acquisition, hoping that it will boost sales too. However, as studies show, customer acquisition is about 25 times more expensive than retention. A research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. So why not to concentrate on strategies that drive sales along with profits? Focusing on tactics that are too pricey might have adverse effects on your business’s growth. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 ways of increasing store sales that will keep your profits rising too. 

Eric Miller
SMS Marketing for Business
Nov 20, 2018

7 SMS Campaign Ideas for Black Friday

SMS services are the best marketing channel for informing your customers about promotions and special deals. So when to prepare your irresistible and attractive promotional SMS campaigns if not on Black Friday? In 2017, there was a 47% increase in Black Friday sales compared to the previous year, with each shopper spending on average $743 during the week. This year, the numbers are believed to be even greater.

Eric Miller
SMS Marketing for Business Hospitality
Nov 12, 2018

How Travel Agencies Effectively Utilized SMS Marketing?

For the past decade, the traveling culture has completely transformed throughout the world. Tourism is currently one of the most fast growing industries. People travel for many reasons: to see new things, for work, or to spend a weekend somewhere else. The rise in travel agencies has been tremendous, and so is the competition in the industry. Providing the best offers and staying relevant is a serious challenge for all such companies. In order to be competitive, you need to utilize the best marketing techniques for your travel agency.

Eric Miller
SMS Marketing for Business
Nov 5, 2018

5 Ways to Enhance Customer Engagement

Customer engagement has many definitions, which vary according to the industry and service/product provided. However, it doesn’t matter how you define it, what matters is its importance regardless of the business type. As a company owner, you know that your most valuable assets are your customers. Making sure that your customers are happy and satisfied is the main target of any successful business. Good customer engagement is an indicator that your customers enjoy your product/service.

Alessia Scott
SMS Marketing for Business
Oct 28, 2018

Your Business Can No Longer Afford To Ignore SMS Services Efficiency

All businesses have a lot of challenges to overcome in their journey to success. This is especially true for small and medium-sized business (SMB). Having a quite limited budget, SMBs need to be very conscious in their spendings to survive the tough competition of the 21st century. The main challenges of SMBs in customer service include lack of resources, little to no integration and brand perception building. However, the most important issue SMBs face is the endless struggle of providing enough cash flow. If the business handles all of these challenges, then it confidently sets the foundation for further success.

Jessie Chantel

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