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What Is The Best Reachout Service For Hospitality Industry?

Oct 16, 2018

The hospitality industry is a huge sector that includes all service related activities, which focus on providing satisfaction and experience to its customers. Unlike a widespread opinion, hospitality industry doesn’t relate to hotels only but includes all leisurely needs that focus on customer satisfaction. Hospitality usually concentrates on services such as event planning, travel, food and beverages, tourism industry and lodging. You need to be very careful when choosing a reachout service for your hospitality business because it will be your main communication method with your customers, your most valuable asset.

SMS messaging service is becoming the most effective marketing channel. While powerful on its own, SMS services can be integrated into your existing marketing strategy as well. People use smartphones for many reasons, but about 90% use their phones for texting at least once a day. This rate indicates how engaged people are in text messaging. Despite all the messenger apps, SMS texting stays the primary communication method between people. There are several reasons why you should choose SMS hospitality services, which we will discuss in this blog post.

SMS Service Is Available All Over the World

The rise of the internet introduced new communication channels via messenger apps. The messenger app industry is booming, yet, a lot of people still prefer to use the old-school communication method. SMS is still the most relevant and most usable communication channel. Everyone uses SMS service, regardless they have any other messenger app or no. Mass texting services are the most reliable way to ensure that your message will safely get to your customer. It is available all over the world and to everyone who owns a smartphone.

SMS Marketing will Result in Increased Integration and Engagement

SMS service will help you increase your integration with the customers. Each touch point within the buyer’s journey is an interaction with your business and plays a critical role in the relationship between you and your customer. That’s why hospitality businesses should use mass texting services for ensuring a positive experience with the brand. There are several ways to use SMS for hospitality industry:


  • Info Updates - when you want to reach your customers to inform them about updates or some last minute changes regarding their booking or appointments, SMS is the easiest way for this reachout. 


  • Reminders - you can send your customers an SMS to remind them about their upcoming trips or a reservation they have. Also, you can remind them about an unfinished booking or payment.


  • Courtesy Messages - after a customer has used your service and made a payment, you can send them a “thank you” message for using your service and trusting you.

Boost Your Customers’ Loyalty via SMS Marketing

Mass texting services are the best option for reaching out your customers in the hospitality industry because they not only will increase the integration with your brand and help with retention marketing, but they are hands down the simplest method to generate leads and to boost your customers’ loyalty.

First and foremost, SMS is trackable. You can see whether or not the message was delivered, and eventually, delete the “dead” numbers from the list. During the lead generation stage, the last thing you want to do is to send messages to numbers that don’t exist. Removing these numbers will help to save money and to avoid misleading results based on the low response rate.

Loyalty is the first priority for any hospitality business. Customers who have provided you with their phone numbers don’t want to get bored by getting unimportant messages. Make your SMS marketing service special and useful. If you want to boost your customers’ loyalty, use the following texting tips:


  • Exclusive Offers - create value for your customers and send them special offer alerts, updates about upcoming exclusive discounts or simply provide them with personal coupon codes. By doing so, you will show how special they are to your business and how eager you are to make them happy. Guaranteed, your customers will feel special and connect to your business on a completely different level.


  • Surveys and Feedback - a great way to get closer to the customer is to listen to them. You won’t know what a client thinks of you if you don’t ask them. Surveys and feedbacks are a great tool of communication with the customer. Customers will appreciate your zeal to make them content with the experience with your service.

Use Texting Services to Enhance Customers Service

You want to deliver the best service to the customer, especially if you are a hospitality business. Hilton Hotels use SMS messaging services to improve customer service and delivers great results. The experience with a hospitality service can be divided into 3 stages, which we’ll discuss on an example of a hotel business:


  • Before your customers arrive - before the guests arrive, you want to facilitate the reservation and check-in process. No one loves to stand by the desk and wait for the check-in. To make this process more enjoyable, send a message to your guests prior to their arrival and let them do the work.


  • During their stay - this is the most important part of the overall experience. Give your customers an opportunity to directly communicate with the personnel, be it a cleaning lady or a receptionist. Keep in touch to deliver the most enjoyable experience. This private communication technique has been successfully used by Marriott Hotel, a leading hotel business, which knows how their guests love to take control over the communication.


  • After the departure - similar to the check-in message, you can send a check-out message in the same style for departure. Consider sending an SMS asking for a feedback and offering a loyalty program to make sure that your clients will use your services again.

SMS Service will Not Get Boring Because of the Neverending Spam and Ads

The difference between SMS messages and social media messages is that the letter is always full of spam and annoying ads. No matter how good your message is, you always risk to be blocked because of the exhausting number of spam and ads. SMS texting service, if properly utilized, will never get boring to the receiver because of the ads and spam.

SMS messages have a 98% open-rate, so your SMS campaigns should be not only useful and special but also quite appealing. Considering the rates, most of your competitors are most probably already using SMS marketing. So, find a trusted partner and launch SMS text campaigns for your hospitality business