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Sep 26, 2017

Why Use SMS In Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

We live in an era where billboards and newspaper advertisements just don’t cut it anymore like they did a few decades ago. Such media are considered as ‘passive.’ A colorful ad will surely capture a customer’s attention, but it won’t do much to keep it. Businesses today, including real estate, are shifting their marketing strategy to more ‘active’ approaches, such as direct marketing through text messages.

About 95% of Americans have their mobile phones on them for the majority of their day. Even at night, you can be sure that their phones are not far from their bedside. Statistics show 90% of all texts sent are received and viewed, making mass text messaging the golden goose to a successful business. Here is why text message marketing is so important for your real estate business.

A colorful “For Sale” sign on the driveway of a home you wish to sell is cute, but will it drive the sales? As a seasoned real estate professional, you want to offer your clients your services with a personal touch. Using SMS in your marketing campaigns creates a bridge that connects you directly to potential buyers.

Here are 5 key reasons to use  SMS marketing  for growing your business:


Passive advertising channels such as billboards and TVs are a gamble. This means there is no direct way of knowing how many people were provoked by such an ad to buy a home you advertised. Fortunately, text messages are precise, personal, and 100% traceable. You get to know to whom your text message was sent, what time it was sent, and when it was received. From this data, you can compute the conversion rate of your clients through this advertising channel.

Immediate deliverance

Passive marketing channels are generic. You put up your real estate billboard up and hope that the right customer passes your way and sees it. Regarding TV ads, you do them with the hope that a potential client will be watching their favorite channel and see it. However, with SMS, your text is sent to a specific number of clients that opt-in for your marketing information. You can rest assured, the message got home.

Direct communication

The beauty of SMS is that it channels a direct link to communicating with your audience. Billboard ads rely on the customer being at the right place at the right time. Emails rely on the availability of Wi-Fi or cellular data. SMS, on the other hand, is designed to work remotely and offline.

High readability

Text messages are delivered directly to the intended audience. Even if they do not open the text immediately it arrives, they are bound to come across it again the next time they fire up their messaging app. This translates to a high readability rate.

Large Conversion ratio

This marketing also employs a call to action element, which deliberately urges your customers to convert to the action you intended. This could be clicking on a link to view price listings or getting your customers to visit a show house on an open day.


How does SMS work for real estate?

SMS marketing is precise and personal. You have to take the same approach too if you wish to achieve your desired results. The keywords need to relate to the services you offer without being too ambiguous. Additionally, keeping it short and having a clever call to action clause is an excellent text message marketing strategy.  For instance, you can add a clickable hyperlink to price listings on your website. Besides, SMS messages have 98% open rate, promising high conversion rates when used correctly. Here is how SMS works for real estate:


Mass text messaging strategy relies on keywords. They should be short, memorable, and unique to your business. For instance, an SMS marketing strategy for real estate should have keywords such as “office space” or “house A” which refer to specific properties. Such keywords tell customers what the mass text is all about, from which they can decide to opt-in for the marketing information.

Auto responses

Automatic responses or auto-responses, in short, are pre-written messages that are programmed to be sent out based on certain keywords. For instance, an auto-response is sent out to inform a customer of a successful opt-in to your services. Additionally, when a customer texts a keyword, an automatic response is sent to the client updating them on new listings, open houses, price changes, or even community events.

Get a contact database

Data runs businesses. Developing a database with information about potential homebuyers goes a long way in ensuring you have a progressively growing clientele that you can communicate important information to.

Besides, when a customer is not actively looking for property, a mobile database of your customers provides a useful way to obtain referrals. Additionally, a messaging and contact list comes in handy when you are on the move. It ensures you stay on top of your marketing efforts for your business at all times.

Mass text messaging

With memorable keywords, auto-responses, and a solid contact base, you can then send out mass updates about new listings, open houses, events, price changes, alerts, reminders as well as appointments. Read more on mass texting features you can use.


What text message marketing platform to use?

It is paramount that you choose the right text message marketing platform for the ultimate experience. While the market offers different platforms, you should make your choice based on:

  • Ease of use

  • Technical support

  • Strong track record

  • Features offered

  • Pricing

You can also explore reviews on the best SMS marketing platforms from trusted reviewers on the internet. Moreover, keep in mind mass text messaging prices when making your choice.


What do templates go for real estate text message marketing?

Having right text templates for your real estate business allows you to quickly send out a personalized message to your intended audience and get the expected results. The key is to keep them short, precise, and to the point.

Here are a few examples:

  • SMS template for potential customers

“Thank you for visiting our website, Ron! Text NEARME to 77755 to get location-specific alerts.”

  • SMS template for current buyers

“Carrey, the property at 112 MLK Boulevard has dropped from $400k to $360K. Reply YES to schedule a viewing.” 

  • SMS template for current sellers

    Text message templates for real estate agency


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