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May 7, 2018

10 Great Ways to Build Your SMS Marketing List

Mobile advertising reached a staggering success rate in the previous years. However, not all mobile marketing methods are equally successful. Did you know that an average consumer is 200% more likely to have the desired response to an SMS text message than to a phone call? After all, reaching your target audience via their personal device is risky – you don’t want to intrude their privacy.

Furthermore, you should know that almost half of all smartphone owners prefer using SMS instead of apps – they just feel more comfortable with the traditional way. And finally, inbuilt app ads are half as popular as SMS mobile marketing. These are just some of the numerous statistics that show how effective SMS can be.

For all these reasons, you should learn how to build and grow your SMS marketing list – and here are ten effective ways to do so.

 Build your SMS marketing list.


1) Customize Your Receipt

You should start with the changes internally. Direct contact with your customers takes place in your physical stores. This is the best situation to update your customers on all novelties regarding your business – including news on SMS marketing lists.

However, you should go further than just speaking about it – your customers need a reminder. The most effective way to do so is to customize your receipts. Nowadays, this is can be done almost effortlessly – just insert details about your SMS marketing next to “Have a nice day” or “Come again”.


2) Create a Contest

In order to get a high number of subscribers to your list, you should camouflage your initial idea and release it to the public as a contest. This way, you’ll be able to collect a satisfying number of new leads.

Once you start using SMS for business and advertising purposes, those customers who don’t wish to receive notifications can simply unsubscribe.

Like with everything else, timing is of the essence – therefore, you should learn about the best time to send texts.


3) Use Your Email List

If you’re using your email to send out newsletters – which you should definitely be doing – then you’re at an advantage because you already possess a contact database. So, the next time you’re formulating your newsletter, remember to notify your correspondents that they can hear news about your business offer – via SMS text message.


4) Train Your Staff

As mentioned in the beginning, you should use that direct contact with your customers to spread the word about your SMS mobile marketing.

However, you should be aware of the fact that word of mouth can either elevate your business and make it a success, or lead you to bankruptcy and drive your business to the ground. Therefore, it’s not only important what your staff is sharing with your customers, but also the way they are doing so.

Before you make your SMS mobile marketing efforts public, make sure to train your staff first.


5) Update Your Website

A website is a must. It is an effective way to share information about your business with your regulars, as well as random visitors who stumbled upon your website.

Therefore, your SMS marketing campaign should also include implementing a popup to your website that will offer details regarding the subscription.



6) Print New Flyers 

A significant number of business owners often neglect this old-fashioned but quite effective advertising method. A great thing about flyers is that they can contain an abundance of information. Naturally, you shouldn’t saturate them with data, but if you form them in the right manner and hire a graphic designer to carry out this project, you can build a flyer that tells much more than just your SMS marketing subscription details.


 7) Market on the Local Radioebook

While we’re on the subject of traditional advertising methods, you should take this one into consideration as well.

Commuting plays an important role in contemporary employment – it takes up to an hour for people in China to arrive in their office, around half an hour in the US, and amazingly – around ninety minutes in Australia.

Radio is once again popular – there’s an abundance of data to back up this claim. For that reason, using radio to market your SMS subscription is bound to pay off.

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8) Make Sharing Simple

Social media is seriously fruitful grounds for any type of advertising – which is why you’re probably familiar with it. Naturally, you should share this update with your followers on social platforms. Do your best to make further sharing as simple as possible – this is a crucial step.

The fact is that SMS marketing is slowly shaping the future of digital advertising, but this doesn’t imply that you should neglect other advertising channels.


9) Delegate Rewards

The most effective way to get your audience interested in your business is to share free items. Everyone loves free stuff, regardless of the fact that they need a particular item or not. So, make an offer that an average consumer is unlikely to refuse – and set a time frame within which every new SMS subscription comes with a freebie, for example.


10) Take Advantage of Your Loyalty Program

This is another way to minimize the time necessary to build an SMS marketing list. Similar to what we discussed regarding your email list, you should tap into another database and use the information you have within your loyalty program.

The participants of your loyalty program are already quite interested in your list of products or services, which is why they will want to immediately subscribe to your SMS notification system. In addition, this is an excellent way to further encourage the word of mouth flow. Your satisfied customers are your greatest asset – be confident that they will share this new convenient way to receive information with people around them.

As you can see, you can promptly and effectively grow your SMS marketing list with practically no need for large investments. By making certain updates, tapping into your already existing database, and straightening your advertising efforts, you’ll be able to collect a satisfying number of new SMS contacts in no time.