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5 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Business on a Tight Budget

Sep 1, 2018

No matter what kind of business we are talking about, at some point, it’s essential to start making as many sales as possible to grow your organization. There is simply no way around that. If you want your small organization or your startup to keep growing, you will have to find ways to increase your sales.

However, the big issue with boosting sales is that it can cost a lot and it can be difficult to increase your sales if your budget is tight. Still, there are ways that you can look to increase this aspect of your business without spending a lot of money.

Today we are going to offer you a couple of options you can rely on to boost sales while not having to break the bank.


Create a business blog

Adding a blog to your already existing website is very simple and it doesn’t cost anything. Furthermore, you don't’ need anyone to write it for you, as you can do it yourself. A blog is one of the best ways to share content about your business, services or products, your expertise, or insights from the industry you’re in.

A blog can help you convince your potential customers to give your products or services a try and buy something. At the same time, you can further talk about your products, their strengths, and features, and convince potential customers to make a purchase. At the same time, a blog is one of the best things to have for improving your site’s SEO.

With each new blog post, you’ll be able to add more relevance to your site and include links to other businesses or influencers that might be interesting for your target audience.


Give discounts for large orders

One of the best ways to sell more is to simply offer cheaper prices for bulk orders. This is one of the oldest and most successful tricks that you can pull of. Customers simply love the idea that they are getting something for free and this is what bulk discounts do. They will have the option to buy more for less and secure products that will last for a long time.

It’s a great rule of thumb to give discounts on bulk orders and encourage customers to buy more for a cheaper price. If you already have lots of visitors in your store, the only thing you need to do is give them offers that they can’t refuse and this is how you will sell more.



Use SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a very good technique for driving more customers to your store and converting them into customers. This marketing method has the best ROI among many other marketing disciplines. Even though some might think that it’s outdated, SMS marketing has just started growing as people today use smartphones regularly.

If used properly, SMS marketing can drastically increase sales. The first important thing to understand is that text messages are one of the best ways to ensure that your customers will read what you have to tell them. 99% of text messages are opened by consumers, meaning that everyone will see what you have to tell them.

Additionally, text message marketing also enjoys higher response rates than other marketing techniques. If you create a good SMS message that includes a good copy and call to action, you can expect your consumers to respond. The best of all is the fact that text message marketing is really cheap.


Use social media as best you can

Social media is one of the best marketing platforms where any business can reach potential customers without spending any money. Social media platforms allow you to market any service or type of product and there are different platforms that have different audiences.

Depending on your business and your target audience, you can use platforms such as Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and many others.

You can share videos, blog posts, or images of your products, talk about their features, how they can help and show examples of how people’s lives improved with them. What’s best about social media marketing is that anyone can do it, and as time passes, you will become better and better at it.

Social media is one of the best ways to spread content about your products, inform customers about sales, discounts, new products and so on. Make sure to pick the right social media network best suited for your products and your marketing strategy.



Establish a great relationship with your current customers  

To improve the number of sales you are making, you will have to convince current customers to purchase something over and over. Don’t just focus on getting new customers and trying to make them buy something. Simply put, it’s much easier to make old customers buy something again from a brand they know than starting the whole process from the start with new customers.

Create a strategy where you will target pre-existing customers during the whole year. You’ll be able to build better relationships with them. Satisfied customers will refer your business to friends and family, and come back to your business time after time again. At the same time, you can always take this opportunity to ask for feedback.

This is a good method to learn about your business, how customers perceive it, and what their experiences are. When you have these insights, you will be able to change your business for the better and offer a great experience.

If you put in a bit of extra effort and try to be creative, you will be able to increase your sales without breaking the bank. Use the ideas mentioned above. You should learn more about them to understand how to enforce them properly and you will be able to increase your results in no time.

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