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20 Valentine's Day Texts to Send from Your Business

Jan 25, 2023

Sending a Happy Valentine’s Day text to your customers is an excellent opportunity to express your appreciation for their business, share a promotion or simply increase your customer engagement. 

Spreading the love with a personalized, thoughtful message is always welcome on the holiday. But what should you write in your Valentine’s Day text?

We’re here to help kickstart your Valentine’s text brainstorming session with some easy-to-use, customizable templates for five different message categories. 

Table of Contents

  1. General mass text message
  2. Valentine’s Day offers or promotions
  3. Themed quizzes or contests
  4. Personalized thank-yous
  5. Seasonal products or services

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Texts to Send from Your Business

While you may just want to share a heartfelt message with clients, you can also accomplish other tasks with a Valentine’s Day text. Whether you want to share a special, seasonal offer or run a Valentine’s-themed giveaway, the templates below will help you strike the right tone. 

#1 A Mass Text

In 2022, just over half of the US population planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to inspire your clients to embrace the Valentine’s spirit or simply send a seasonal greeting, test out one of the following templates for a mass Happy Valentine’s Day text:

  • “From everyone at [Brand Name], Happy Valentine’s Day [Customer Name]!” 
  • “Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day from [Brand Name]! Whether you’re celebrating with a Valentine or treating yourself to a box of chocolates, [Brand Name] wishes you the best.”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, [Customer Name]! [Brand Name] just wanted to drop by to spread the love. Thanks for your business!”
  • “Don’t forget about the best part of Valentine’s Day: discount candy on February 15th! Happy Valentine’s from all of us at [Brand Name].”

#2 A Special Offer or Promotion

If you’re running a Valentine’s Day promotion, let your customers know with one of the following templates:

  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, [Customer Name]! This Valentine’s, treat yourself to the gift of [Product Name] with this exclusive discount code: [Code]. Apply this special offer at checkout before midnight on February 14th!”
  • “[Brand Name] is spreading the love with a special offer: Take [X]% off your next purchase in-store or use code [Code] online. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  • “If you’re getting into the Valentine’s spirit, stop by [Brand Name] and mention Valentine’s Day for an extra [X]% off your purchase at checkout. See you on February 14th!”
  • “Whether you’re planning a date night or a luxurious self-care session, celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with [Brand Name]. Use code [Code] for [X]% off of your next purchase—just because we love you, [Customer Name]!”

#3 A Valentine’s Day Themed Quiz or Contest

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to offer a themed quiz, run a contest or offer a social media giveaway. One of the following text templates can help you spread the word:

  • “[Customer Name], be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day giveaway for a free [Item/Service Name]! All you have to do is [like our post/comment on our post/share our post to your story/use our hashtag] to enter to win. We can’t wait to see you spread the love!”
  • “What’s your favorite Valentine’s candy, [Customer Name]? Take our Valentine’s Day quiz for a chance to win a free [Item/Service Name]!” 
  • “Prepare your best ballad, [Customer Name]: It’s time for [Brand Name]’s annual Valentine’s Day karaoke contest! All participants will take home a mini box of chocolates, and the crowd favorite will win a[n] [Item/Service Name]... And bragging rights, of course. Sign-up starts at [X] on February 14th. See you there!”
  • "Valentine's Day Quiz Alert! Put your love knowledge to the test and enter to win a romantic prize package. Take our quiz by visiting [business website link]. Hurry, contest ends on Valentine's Day!”

#4 A Personalized Thank You

Want to thank your customers for their business this Valentine’s Day? Here are some heartfelt sample texts to help you write the perfect message:

  • “This Valentine’s Day, [Brand Name] is grateful for your [business/trust/loyalty], [Customer Name]. Thanks for spreading the love for our [products/services]!”
  • “Thanks for your business, [Customer Name]. We love you! Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at [Brand Name]!”
  • “There aren’t enough heart emojis in the world to tell you how we feel, [Customer Name]! Thanks for your business, and Happy Valentine’s Day from [Brand Name]!”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, [Customer Name]! Thanks for falling in love with [Brand Name]’s [Products/Services]—see you at your next appointment!” 

#5 A Seasonal Product or Service

If you’re offering a limited-time, Valentine’s Day-themed product or service, get your customers excited about it with a text message like:

  • “Valentine’s Day alert! For a limited time, [Brand Name] is offering [Item/Service Name]. Stop by our [City/Neighborhood] location or visit our website to claim yours before we run out!”
  • “This Valentine’s Day, [Brand Name] is offering something truly special: [Item/Service Name]. Whether you pick up [Item/Service Name] for yourself or your Valentine, [Item/Service Name] is sure to help you spread the love. Check out our Instagram post for more details!”
  • “Need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, [Customer Name]? [Brand Name] has you covered with our special [Item/Service Name]—only available until February 14th. Get yours before it’s gone!”
  • “Show your Valentine how much you care by giving them the gift of [Item/Service Name]. But act fast: This offer expires at midnight on February 14th. Check out our website for more details.”

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Valentine’s Day Text

Writing the perfect Valentine’s Day text is like planning a romantic date:

  • Leave your Valentine wanting more – Keep your message short and sweet, and pique their curiosity. 
  • Make them feel special – Personalize your message with customers’ names or past purchase details.
  • Embrace playfulness and cheer – Use emojis, custom graphics or themed photos to spread the Valentine's spirit.
  • Lock down your second date – Include a Call to Action (e.g., asking recipients to click a link, interact on social media or order a product) to entice customers to take advantage of your offer, enter your giveaway or schedule their next appointment.

Master Mass Texting on Valentine’s Day with Textedly

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