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Heartwarming Christmas Text Messages for Your Customers

Dec 22, 2017

Finally it’s the time of the year we all have been waiting for to light the Christmas tree and spend some nice time around the loved ones. And if you’re running a business, it’s the perfect time to reinforce brand loyalty by sharing the holiday cheer with your customers and running a creative SMS messaging campaign.

It’s true that many customers are fed up with the Christmas Creep, but if your brand manages to stand out from the crowds and celebrate the holidays in style, your efforts will translate into great results in terms of ROI and better customer relationships. Obviously, any business out there wants to take advantage of the holiday shopping rush and make some money but when it comes to your Christmas text messages, subtlety is key. So, in addition to creating fun and heartwarming SMS campaigns, which are rather engaging than intrusive, you should also make sure to share your warm wishes with people who have made your business possible all year long.


Before blasting out your messages you should first accordingly segment your contact list based on customer demographic data. This will help you ensure that you don’t send messages to people who belong to a different religion and Christmas is just another day of the year for them. If you know who is on the receiving end, you can also personalize messages by including the recipient’s name in the SMS, to show your customers that you care enough to take the time to address the recipient personally. Besides, you can send industry-specific messages, sharing the festive mood with your customers and subtly reminding them to purchase your products or use your services in the year ahead.

Here’s a collection of warm Christmas text messages you can send to your customers to build a strong connection with them. And if your messages are beyond the traditional 160-character limit of SMS, there’s no need to worry. Messaging platforms, like Textedly, enable you to blast out supersize messages with over 300 characters.



  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Because of you every new year is nicer at --------.
  2. Thank you for staying with -------! Wish you and your family blissful holidays and looking forward to serving you in the New Year.
  3. May your home be filled with light and joys this Christmas and always.
  4. Hey --------! We at ------ want to share the Christmas cheer with you. Thanks for helping us become better every year.
  5. Thanks for staying with -------- in 2017. We wish you and your family holidays full of joy and lights.
  6. Here at -------- we want to use this chance to wish you warm holidays and a great New Year ahead.
  7. Merry Christmas, -------! Our business wouldn’t thrive without your support and we want to thank you with a special 20% off at our store. Present the coupon code and get your discount.
  8. Thanks for being an awesome customer to us this year! We’re sending heartfelt wishes to you and yours. Enjoy this gift card with our thanks at our store! Expires: 12.01.2018
  9. Merry Christmas and warm wishes for the New Year! Reaching out to spread some good cheer and offer you a special deal. Drop by with a friend at Joe’s Bar and get a 10% off on all drinks.
  10. Happy holidays! Let’s share the miracle of Christmas together. Show this message to the waiter and get a 20% discount on your Christmas dinner.

Savvy marketers always try to use humour in their campaigns. Why? Well, because it works. Brands that make us smile with their campaigns are usually among our favourites. Appealing to your customers emotionally allows you to engage them on a personal level. Good humour breaks through the marketing noise, grabs your customer’s attention, makes you more memorable for them and displays the human side of your business.

To help you spice up your SMS messaging campaign with funny and engaging content, we’ve collected some funny Christmas wishes. Check out our suggestions and feel free to add yours in the comments;


  1. May your holidays be like Santa Clause - fat, kind and abundant.
  2. May Santa climb down your chimney and leave his credit card under the tree! Merry Christmas!
  3. OMG! It’s Christmas again? Just keep calm, enjoy and have some beer.
  4. May on this Christmas joy and happiness fill in your body along with some wine.
  5. Wish your Christmas lights are tangle-free this year. Happy holidays.
  6. May your holidays be filled with festive fizz and laughter. (Manhattan helps with the laughter part).
  7. Santa told us you’re on the nice list this year. Leave him some cookies and a nice glass of milk, he’ll surely stop at your door.
  8. Here comes the spending and eating season! Wishing you a slim body and a big fat bank account in the new year.
  9. Merry Christmas! May it all be fun and games, till Santa checks the Naughty list.
  10. Hey! It’s the old, fat guy and his silly reindeer. This year you were not nice, you were fantastic. So we’ve got some discount coupons for you.

So, here we are! You’re invited to use one of these messages to send some positive vibes to your clients or use them as a jumping point for your own creativity. Whatever you do, don’t miss this nice opportunity to do something memorable for your customers, make them feel important and strengthen your connection to them.


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