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Aug 11, 2017

July 4th Summer Sale is Coming! Textedly as the Best Choice to Send Your SMS Marketing Offers

In less than a month the United States will celebrate its Independence Day on 4th of July. Much like any holiday, there are certain events that accompany the celebrations, followed by fireworks, barbecues, etc. The 4th of July is an amazing opportunity for businesses to boost their sales, but in order to capitalize on this holiday, they need to find an efficient means of advertising for these new and special offers.

The best way to do is to use an advertising approach that will ensure your shoppers are notified of an upcoming sale. Considering how social network posts, emails, or video commercials are prone to getting lost in the vast sea of online content, your best bet is actually SMS marketing.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Texting has proven to be one of the most engaging marketing mediums. Emails can end up in spam, phone calls can fall on deaf ears, leaflets can easily find their way to the trash can, but the text message is almost always read. The only drawback to SMS marketing is that you are limited to the pool of people who are subscribers and who have granted you permission to send them texts.  

How it works – There are two components to SMS marketing, one of them is the keyword and the other one is the shortcode.

For example: “Text “GAMES” to 555333 for our __________!”

Here “GAMES” is the keyword that is contained within the body of the text, whereas “555333” is the shortcode that ends up in the inbox of the recipient. So, if a customer would send this message, it would mean that they have chosen to participate in your campaign.

This is usually followed by an automated response and the customer is added to the list of people to whom you will send additional texts in the future. You still need to confirm the numbers that you have obtained in this fashion, which is done by sending a confirmation message: “Type “YES” to receive _______.”

Once they agree, you can send them future notifications without their consent, meaning that sending coupon codes, drip campaigns, polling, creating groups, or photos and videos will be possible via SMS text.

How Brands Use SMS Marketing to Their Advantage

It is truly amazing just how many brands offer discounts for 4th of July, however only big corporations have enough funds to dominate social networks threads and to book the best time for a TV commercial. It is no surprise that those who do not want to waste funds on trying to compete in this area actually opt for SMS marketing. Here are some examples of how it’s done:


Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG)



Ace Hardware






Also notice how these promotions are done within the length of a single text message, or using only up to 160 characters. Moreover, they tell the recipient everything they need to know, like the name of the store, the length of the action, the amount of money they can save, as well as how to use their discount if there is a code involved.  

So, if you want an effective and impactful promotion for your 4th of July sale that is at the same budget friendly, you can choose Textedly as your SMS marketing service.


Why Textedly?

Textedly is good for this kind of campaign, because it is safe and reliable. You don’t need to pay for our services in the event you are not satisfied with the results. There is a 14-day trial that you can use, and you can measure the engagement and conversion achieved throughout that period.

It is basically risk-free, as you don’t even have to leave your credit card number for the trial version. Retailers, professional services, enterprises, restaurants, real estate and schools, can all benefit from relying on Textedly. It has a powerful response, as the platform itself is designed to look nice, while being user-friendly, and feature rich.

Textedly has variety of different packages all tailored to meet the specific demands of variety of users. Depending on the size of your audience you can get the package that suits you the most, and fully utilize it without any additional and unnecessary expenses. Furthermore Textedly has offers that surpass those of other SMS marketing providers, in terms of both price-efficiency and adaptability.

Anyone who needs or wants to promote their services by relying on mass group texting, as well as scheduled text messages, can count on Textedly to live up to their expectations. Moreover, if you need to make your texts a bit longer than 160 characters, we’ve got you covered, as we are one of the rare providers who will actually expand your message to 300 characters if needed.

In addition, incoming SMS messages are free, and since Textedly will set you up with a one-on-one chat feature, you can instantly respond to the messages of your subscribers. Also, should your user base expand, you can always upgrade your Textedly account with ease.

In the event you are concerned that a text messages cannot do your product or service justice, fear not, as Textedly also offers multimedia messaging service. This way, you can attach an image to your text and create a much better impression. This is a kind of feature that real estate agencies and accommodation industry businesses can really benefit from, considering how they would want users to see the beauty of what they have in store.

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to the possibilities that you’ll have with Textedly. For more information, make sure you check out our website, and all of the available features and packages. If you have any questions or qualms, feel free to use our live chat feature and one of our customer support agents will answer all of your questions momentarily.

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