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Aug 11, 2017

Kick-Ass Call to Action Text Service Strategies to Build A Wildly Successful Business

A lot of people think that mobile text marketing is dead, but it’s more alive than ever. This is all because the number of mobile phone users is constantly growing, and now there are more mobile devices than people on the planet! This is truly a fascinating statistic that shows how common these devices are.

Everyone uses their phones on a daily basis and there is not a single day that goes by in which we don’t grab our phone for at least just a minute to use it for something. Given the fact that mobile devices are getting smarter and smarter, people now rely on them more than ever to perform various tasks.

Not only are there a lot of people who use smartphones, but the fact that people almost always read their text messages shows that there is great potential in mobile text marketing. This means that a business organization has a direct chance to engage potential customers and convince them to do some actions.

Still, this is not as easy as it sounds and creating compelling marketing mobile texts that bring results requires a lot of know-how.


Finding a text marketing company that is reliable

Before anything else, you will need to have the contact numbers of mobile users which are part of your target audience. Gathering so much information can be a long and difficult process. To avoid wasting so much time and effort on this, the best way to go about it is to find a text marketing company which holds a lot of contacts.

They will provide you with long lists of subscribers, analytics and various features that make their service special. With all of this information, you will be able to come up with a better approach towards creating effective call to action texts that will bring you results. Here are some of the best SMS marketing companies you should consider.


1. Textedly

Textedly is a highly reliable text marketing platform. We have one of the best support teams and working with us is simple and easy. If you are looking for a mass SMS service provider, we are your go to guys. On top of that, when comparing the quality of work we do to our affordable prices, it simply makes sense to try us out.


2. Appointment Reminder

This is a simple tool that allows you to send out emails, texts and mobile reminders to people. The text service this platform provides can be used by law offices to remind their employees of meetings, dentist offices to schedule appointments with their patients, or shoe shops to promote special discounts. Appointment Reminder has many functional features that work flawlessly.


3. CallHub

If you are in need of a more sophisticated solution that allows you to gain more insights from your contacts, then CallHub is the right thing for you. This platform is most suitable for non-profit organizations, political parties and sales teams. It allows you to gather email addresses and names of prospects using SMS. It can be integrated with various CRMs.


Make sure that your text messages are short

text message.jpg

Given the fact that messages are consumed quickly and that people are used to them being short, it’s important that you instantly grab their attention and deliver value straight away. Limit your whole text to around 160 characters, while ensuring that you include a proportionally short call to action at the end of your text.

Textedly guarantees you the attention of the people you are sending SMSs to, so don’t smother them with countless lines of text and ruin your opportunity. Give them short, valuable content that quickly tells them why you are addressing them and how they can benefit from your offer. In the end, include a visible call to action that shows them how they can make the next step.


Make your call to action crystal clear

call to action.png

This is where creativity is very important. In order to be effective, CTAs need to be short and clear, yet still interesting to the people who read them. This means that you will have very few words to use to entice prospects. The best solution is to combine simple words that have a clear statement, such as click, download, register, etc. and combine them with a maximum of two more words that are related to your brand and sound catchy.


If the CTAs you include in your text message is image-based, make sure that you put them on a button, so that users can click on it directly and take action straight away. Make sure that prospects understand what you want them to do and what they will get for it.


Optimize your CTA for mobile users

 A mobile text call to action needs to be different than those that are used for some other more traditional marketing mediums. The first important thing is to make sure that the place where the message will lead people is optimized for mobile users, considering the widespread use of various tablets and smartphones.

If you are telling people to visit your website, make sure that its design is optimized for mobile users and that it has large buttons and fields that can be spotted and clicked on without any problems. If your potential customer follows the call to action you texted them and lands on a site where he or she cannot take any action without obstruction, chances are that person will leave and never return.

Know your target audience

target audience-1.jpg

Despite the fact that your CTAs will reach people through their mobile phones, this doesn't mean that they will engage with your business back through their smartphones.

It’s important that you have the bigger picture in mind when you contact your prospects. Consider the future relationship you can establish with them, and ask them to provide you feedback. This can help you reach out to them more easily in the future and present your brand in a more positive light using mobile and other marketing channels.

For example, you should ask for more than just contact information. Focus on demographics as well, such as gender, age, interests and other similar attributes. Even if you are not able to reach those people through your text marketing and convert, you will have valuable information for the future marketing incentives and learn more about your target audience.

Mobile text marketing is a forgotten gold mine which should be exploited as much as possible. Still, you will have to learn how to do this properly, apart from CTAs. For example, learn how to create mobile text strategies without over texting, while sending messages at the right time when they count the most. If you are able to create a proper text messaging campaign, it will be able to drive your business growth forward.


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