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Dec 26, 2018

Make More Sales for Your E-commerce Business with SMS Marketing

SMS promotions are a well-known marketing tool that drive big sales to your brick-and-mortar stores. However, if you own an online store, know that increasing eCommerce sites sales with text messaging is also highly effective. SMS marketing can boost conversion rates and drive a lot of traffic to your website. Reaching out your customers on a more personal level to inform them about the special deals and offers that are currently happening on your sites will pay-off by driving your sales in no time.

A research conducted by OuterBoxDesign revealed that 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online in the last 6 months. The same research shows that one-third of eCommerce purchases during the 2015 holiday season were made on a smartphone. People love online shopping, especially considering how much they are attached to their mobile devices and tablets. An SMS promotion can be a powerful tool in the hands of an eCommerce shop. In this post, we’ll look into the ways for increasing ecommerce sites sales with text messaging.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

One of the major problems of online shop owners is the abandoned cart. Clients often leave their purchases unfinished, thereby increasing the cart abandonment rate. A research conducted by Shopify has revealed that 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. However, most of the shoppers admit that they would complete their purchase if they get a notification to follow-up.

So sending a friendly reminder to customers about the products that are waiting for them in the cart is a great way to encourage the customer to finish the purchase. SMS notifications are often used for sending such reminders. SMS marketing should leverage the power of push notifications. You can make the process even more enjoyable by sending your customers a direct link to their cart page. Also, make sure to inform your customers when an item in their cart goes on sale.

Send Automated Messages/Reminders

As your shop is an online platform, you get an advantage of storing data regarding each customer’s shopping history. When you get a regular data of purchase history, you can create a database and analyze this data to get some insights. For example, you might have customers who purchase the same product on regular basis. By analyzing the average time span between repeated purchases, you can find out the frequency of purchases. In fact, this is not as complicated as it sounds. Such an analysis is a simple work for any data analyst. Based on this information, you can use automated mass SMS texting services to send your customers notifications. Send a message with a direct link to the product they purchase on regular basis and remind them that they are about to run out of it. By doing so, you let your customers know that you care about them by showing them a personalized approach. They will be very thankful.

Special Offers and Coupons

The most effective sales boosters are discounts. People love getting new products when they’re on sale. Ecommerce marketing campaigns often concentrate on offering customers special coupon codes for extra discounts, in order to increase traffic and sales rates. SMS marketing for eCommerce is a great channel for offering special offers. Consider sending your subscribers bulk messages informing them about a special sale that’s happening now on your website, or remind them about a seasonal sale that’s about to end.


Here are some coupon code offers that boost the sales of any eCommerce:

  • Free shipping - send your subscribers a special promo code which will give them a free shipping option.

  • Time-sensitive promos - keep in mind that whatever promo you send, you always want to make it valid for a limited time only. Limited time creates a sense of urgency.

  • Birthday promos -  a more personalized approach is to send your customers coupons for their birthdays or other special events. For example, you can send your active users a promo after they spend a specific amount of money on your website. This is your way of saying thank you.

New Product Alerts

Are you about to launch a new product? Then SMS campaigns are exactly what you need right now. Before the actual launch, you want to send bulk messages to your subscribers, informing them that something special is about to launch. You want to boost their interest and curiosity and create excitement. New products are always great engagement boosters.

Once you launch your product, drop a message to your customers, offering them a 20% sales on the first purchase of the product. Many business owners think that new products create a lot of new challenges. You never know how it’s going to perform. However, with the help of text messaging, you can use a lot of tactics to boost the interest and thereby, increase the sales of your new launches.

Instant Updates and Notifications

Using SMS marketing for eCommerce is not only a great way to increase sales, but also for improving the overall shopping experience on your website. You definitely don’t want to have one-time web page visitors. Having loyal customers who love shopping on your webpage is should be your main target. Achieving a good retention rate and loyal customers depends on the customer experience you offer on your site. You won’t be able to achieve a long-term success without delivering a superior customer experience. SMS marketing for eCommerce can help in the overall customer experience. Text messaging gives the opportunity to accompany the customer throughout the whole shopping process. You can send a message for all the updates regarding the purchase: shipping, billing, or any other relevant information. Having all the info instantly in their hands, customers will be very satisfied. A satisfied customer means a happy customer. And, having a happy customer is fundamental to creating loyalty.

Any business owner urges to increase sales, be it for an online or offline store. However, driving sales is not always about discounts or promotions. It’s way more important to create a great customer experience for your visitors. Increasing eCommerce sites sales with text messaging is so effective because SMS is the only marketing channel that can be used throughout the whole buyer’s journey process. So if you want to increase your online store sales, then start building your eCommerce marketing campaign with text messaging today.