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MMS Marketing For Businesses [5 Top ways for Different Industries]

Aug 13, 2019

Multimedia messaging is around since 1984 and it still continues to be one of the powerful marketing ways. It’s effortless and all you need is a compelling SMS/MMS text message to engage customers. It’s enough to mention that SMS marketing boasts with a 98% open rate and MMS marketing even higher. The creative potential of MMS marketing is endless and it’s like a two-way road that reaches to the customer and gets back. MMS is an irreplaceable marketing technique for the contests and other events that require feedback from the customer in the shape of pictures, videos or more. 


The scope of usage of MMS marketing is wide. Businesses use it for various needs started from sending job alerts about available vacancies, videos and images of contests and finished with schedules of trade shows and conferences. MMS marketing is a proven effective method to notify about various events within seconds. It’s more cost-effective compared to printing and distributing numerous guides that are forgotten or thrown away instantly. Here you will find 5 awesome points about MMS marketing and its usefulness that will help your business advancement.


1. Is MMS marketing a great choice?

The study carried out by SharePoint regarding Conversational Advertising discovered that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. This is a serious number for marketers to take into account when speaking about the effectiveness of MMS/SMS marketing. It’s a great choice for any business and this point is about it.

There is a universal truth that MMS messages provide better customer experience than SMS messages. The greatness of picture messaging is that images and videos are worth thousands of words. A picture or video is more eye-catching and attracts the customers’ attention immediately. Based on the attention the multimedia gets, it provides increased engagement as well. 


People not only read and learn about the news from your brand or company, but they are also more likely to share it with other friends. Furthermore, MMS messages don’t limit you within 160 characters as SMS does. You can send video messages up to 30-seconds duration and body texts within 1600 characters. Consequently, MMS messaging is definitely a great choice for any business you run. Additionally, MMS marketing prides itself with another feature as well. It has a subject line like emails do, which SMS marketing lacks. You can add a captivating subject to grab your customer’s attention immediately. 


2. Plan MMS message campaigns 

There are numerous MMS marketing platforms out there like Textedly with abundant features for different industries. These platforms allow you to plan your MMS message campaigns and schedule your picture messaging in advance. Moreover, you can sort out your contacts into groups and choose the most convenient time to send your message to the specific group to gain the utmost attention. With the use of outgoing multimedia messaging service, you can attach any photo to your message and your subscribers will appreciate it for sure. In case they are supposed to send pictures back, the inbound multimedia messaging service will enable you to receive them directly to your inbox. You can zoom them, keep them and use for your business goals. Thus, planning your campaign with relevant platforms is more convenient and useful.

MMS messaging for mobile marketing campaigns

3. Develop MMS Marketing Database

It will be naive to suppose that all people receive the same message of a certain company. In order to send an MMS message to any customer, you should first of all, obtain their permission. Generally, it is done in two ways, either they choose the click-to-join button on your website or social media page, or they send keywords or shortcodes to the provided phone number. Otherwise, sending people messages is illegal. In order to develop an MMS marketing database, you should stimulate people to opt-in for messages. You can engage them with special offers, personalized discounts or promotions. 


4. Unable to find relevant MMS marketing platform?

Sometimes the huge number of available services make it confusing for companies or people to find the relevant marketing platform. One of the leading platforms in the MMS marketing industry is Textedly. It provides easy and efficient communication with your customers via SMS/MMS marketing services at affordable prices. It’s easy to use and enables businesses of all industries to measure and improve their campaigns, provides instant communication between the sender and receiver and all this is possible without a software download.


5. Monitor and Analyze the results

The platform that you have chosen for your picture messaging allows you to monitor the results of your MMS campaign. You will easily track your messages and monitor customers' behaviour. Accordingly, you can adjust your campaign to the tastes and wants of your customers if you analyse their performance. Added to all this, the availability of rich features enables you to customise your offer according to the required timelines and needs. So, you can monitor and analyse the results of your Multimedia messaging continuously to improve it and tailor to your customer needs.


Thus, it becomes obvious that MMS marketing can do more for your business than any other more “up-to-date” marketing method. Definitely, it’s a great choice for getting immediate feedback from customers, regarding its higher open rates and readability, MMS is also effective due to the larger capacity of characters, video files and images. There is a widespread misconception that many cell phones don’t open video files and pictures sent in MMS. The good news is that almost 90% of mobile phone owners have access to watching video files and images. Nevertheless, to use MMS marketing to the fullest extent, you should provide a proper database with customer permissions. Moreover, you will have to find the relevant MMS marketing platform that will be able to provide your business with outgoing and inbound multimedia messaging services.  Only after that, all these tips in conjunction will scale your business to higher levels.


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