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Mar 22, 2018

Key Ways to Promote an Event Using Text Messaging Service

Event management is a very complicated. This is because beside organizational tasks, event planners also have to think of ways to promote the event. Since the events target people from very different demographics, event planners are more frequently utilizing SMS marketing to reach them.

In combination with social media marketing, a well utilized text messaging service can be a powerful boost to your existing event advertisement. If you already know about this, but you lack the ideas to put it to actual work, don't worry – we have compiled a list of ways to promote an event using a text messaging service.


Event Announcement

When it comes to event marketing, the first step always revolves around generating the interest. Since text messages are more frequently read than emails, and bear more marketing potential than social media, they stand as your number one option to convey your message to your customers and clients.


A text message service can help you disperse detailed information on your upcoming event to large audiences in just few clicks. This first batch of messages should contain a brief information including:

  • When and where the event is taking place
  • What is the event about
  • Polite “Join us” call to action


Base Your Offers on Keywords

Since modern SMS marketing platforms allow businesses to use several keywords for text message opt-in, you should leverage this advantage. The information you have gathered so far about your clients and customers can provide you with insights into their personal interests.


Use these insights when you are offering advanced ticket sales. For instance, you can send custom-tailored text messages to each keyword group to maximise the conversion rates. This batch of messages should include:

  • What the customers have to do to claim their special ticket price.
  • The added value that they will receive if they do so.  



Share the Updates

Customers and clients appreciate the updates regarding the events, especially the ones that can potentially save them time and money. Make sure to update your potential attendees even on negative changes, regardless of whether the update will reflect badly on your event attendance.


You can cause a lot of frustration if you’ve advertised that there will be a special speaker or guest who doesn't show up. While this can cause some people not to show up, they will appreciate the information, start trusting you, stay subscribed to your SMS list. After all, high subscriber loyalty is way more important than few sold event tickets.


On the other hand, if you make some significant, positive changes to your event plan, that have the potential to generate more interest, make sure to share the positive vibe via SMS.


In any case these messages should be very short, and they should contain only “when” and “what” information.


Generate the Buzz

Text messages can be your resourceful ally when it comes to creating excitement around your upcoming event, popularly referred to generating the buzz. You should consult your colleagues and try to identify the one reason that can get the audience excited about the event.


Sometimes a little detail can serve the purpose of creating enthusiasm and can go a long way in generating the buzz about your upcoming activities. In these messages, the audience should find out:

  • What makes your event so special.
  • What they will miss if they don't show up.


Share the Details, Raise the Interest

Now that you have sent out several batches of text messages it’s time to fine-tune your event advertising efforts. You should break down all the information about your event into little pieces and send it out in your next text message batch.


While this can serve as a little reminder to your clients and customers, it is also an excellent way to increase their interest and boost attendance. These messages should contain:

  • Information that has so far been exclusive to your staff.
  • If your event lasts for several days and what you shared happens only once, specify the time, date and location of that micro event.



Turn Your Subscribers Into Nano Influencers

A text messaging service can be leveraged to turn your subscribers into the army of nano influencers. In order to make them spread the word about your event about your event, you will have to provide some incentive, though. This doesn't necessarily have to be a personal gain, but an event activity that is too cool to be missed.


This can be anything ranging from live music performance to a BBQ cook off. These messages should contain:

  • A non intrusive invitation to subscribers to call their friends to join them.
  • Brief information on the special activity.


Boost you Last-Minute Ticket Sales

When the event date is close and you have few tickets left in your hands, SMS marketing can help you sell out in the last minutes.


Maybe there is someone in your subscriber audience thinking that it’s too late for them to make reservations now, maybe a place in their schedule opened up, or maybe their friend, colleague or family member is interested and wants to come. You will never know if you don't try.


You last-minute text message offer should contain

  • Information that only few tickets are left
  • Clear call to action
  • Incentive in form of discount


Ask for Feedback

Among the above-mentioned ways to promote an event, you will probably find this the most valuable, as you can easily get better at it over time, especially if you are in the event management line of business. Since the sophisticated SMS marketing tools enable true one-on-one communication along with other powerful texting features, you can ask your attendees to provide you some feedback on your agenda, order of events, speakers, food menu, and so on.


This is very valuable information that you can use to custom-tailor your future events for specific audience needs and requirement, thus increasing attendance and attendee satisfaction. These text messages should be very brief, containing one simple appeal to attendee – to rate a specific activity, speaker, or whatever it is that you need feedback on.


SMS marketing platform offers a plethora of opportunities for managers to step up  event advertisement game. As you can see, these tips can help you to cover all your event marketing efforts, ranging from event announcement to gathering the feedback on each event activity.


Event marketing fueled by a text messaging service will not only help you bring more people through the door, but also help you collect all the data you need to plan better and more engaging events in the future.


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