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Ready for Marketing Automation? Easy and Cost Effective Platform for Sending Targeted, Opt-in Text Messages

Aug 25, 2017

The post-computer era might still be on the way, but the mobile era is unquestionably here.

Contrary to the popular belief, it’s not just “the youth these days” who’ve gone mobile. Everyone, from school kids to senior citizens, use mobile devices to stay connected with friends and families wherever they are. In bars, checkout lines, public transport – is there anywhere people don’t take out their smartphones and tablets to check messages, take photos or just surf the Web?

A recent statistics by Pew Research Center shows that the 95% of Americans own a cell-phone of some kind and most of them keep their mobiles handy almost 24 hours a day – a golden chance for you to stay connected with your target audience and personalize their experience with your brand by mobile marketing.

When it comes to driving customer engagement and brand loyalty of any company, the unparalleled potential of SMS and Picture Text Messages is beyond doubt. But many companies, especially small and midsized businesses (SMBs) with limited human and financial resources, still find it challenging to ensure a 24/7 availability for their customers.  

Very few know that the solution to this problem lies in SMS Marketing automation.

Let’s see why text message automation is a godsend for any business looking to increase sales and customer engagement while keeping the operational costs and processes at an optimal level.



  The “Cloud” makes it easy

Text message automation refers to software that makes the sending of opt-in targeted text messages easier and more effective. Today, the digitalization of all business processes in en vogue but SMS marketing automation is far beyond the “cool factor”.

It’s all about functionality and increased effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Online messaging platforms allow you to merge your customer data inside a single CRM database, track and analyze their needs and respond to their questions even when they are on move. Understanding your audience better helps you provide a personalized customer care.

SMS Marketing platforms make the process of subscribing for your messages a hassle free activity. Customers who are interested to receive your notifications and offers, simply have to text your custom keyword to your short code and opt in for your messages.

In addition, advanced messaging services, like Textedly, enable you to upload your existing subscriber list to your account in an instant and start sending out bulk messages to all your opt-in subscribers immediately.


mobile textedly.jpg


 A penny saved is two pennies earned

Financial constraints are often the primary determining factor behind what type of marketing campaign your company can run. You might have a limited marketing budget due to falling sales and revenue, rising tax rates or anything else that limits the amount of money your business can spend on marketing campaigns.

The best part of text messaging automation is it’s quite a pocket-friendly process which helps you reduce the financial burden on your business and generates significant ROI.

Sending texts to your customers costs you mere cents per message while you get much more in return: SMS marketing generates awareness, foot traffic and sales.


 Time is your most precious resource

One of the greatest advantages of SMS automation is that it significantly reduces the workload of your team allowing them to concentrate time and efforts on those aspects that require more professional expertise.

Advanced messaging platforms, like Textedly, minimize the need for human intervention reducing the risk of potential errors.

Textedly enables you:

  • To blast out mass group messages to all your subscribers in a matter of seconds by just clicking a button.
  • To schedule your mobile campaign in advance to ensure that you deliver timely messages to your audience
  • To control, track and monitor the effectiveness of your mobile campaign with subscriber timestamps, interactive graphs and     performance metrics

With Textedly you don’t have to send separate follow up messages to each of your new subscribers. All you need is to set an auto-reply and change it whenever you want, in case you decide to reward your newly subscribing customers with some special deals or offers.

These features help you optimize the business processes and direct the time and talent of your team to more important tasks.




  It's time to know your customers better

You appreciate it when the waiter of the restaurant where you occasionally dine knows your name and remembers what your favorite dish is. The same goes for your customers: they want to feel special and know that their opinion is important for you.

The inbox feature of Textedly enables you to start a one to one communication with your customers answering their questions and making yourself 100% accessible. Rather than pushing cookie cutter content to your audience, you start a genuine, personalized dialogue with each of your customers guiding them through their choice and collecting valuable data about their interests and preferences.

Having your customers’ data, you can personalize your messages by adding the recipient’s name to your text and offering special deals based on past purchase behavior. In addition, you can send picture text messages to congratulate your customers on special occasions, e.g. on birthdays, making your content visually appealing to people.  

Listening to your customers and helping them immediately solve their queries will allow you to build positive, long-lasting relationships with them and drive brand loyalty.

Harvesting the benefits of mobile marketing has never been easier. All you need is to embark on marketing automation journey with Textedly and adapt your marketing strategy to the relentless mobility of your audience.