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Shining Christmas Marketing Ideas to Drive Sales in 2017

Dec 13, 2017

A strong projection of online holiday sales are at $10.13 billion this year, so passing up an online marketing strategy would be detrimental to your company’s success. This is definitely the merriest eCommerce season in all of history, so make sure to implement our Christmas marketing ideas. Regardless if you procrastinate on your Christmas marketing strategy, you will still win a great holiday success. But, fear no more as we have quick and smart tactics to help you execute a robust and manageable holiday marketing plan.

There are several things that are not only detrimental to your success, but are also incredibly easy to do. Your company should focus on a holiday-focused mobile marketing – text and email marketing campaign. In addition to text message and email marketing strategies, your company should run holiday promotional contests via social media, and should implement strategies to help the last-minute ‘lazy’ shoppers who virtually wander through many a site.

Christmas Mobile Marketing Strategies

Founder & CEO of Blu Skin Care, Zondra Wilson, stated that in 2015 her company offered free weights with purchases of $100 or more or offered a 20% discount off all purchases for the holidays. Due to these promotions, her company experienced a 15% increase in sales during this time. Also, her company ran the promotion from Black Friday through Christmas Eve. Thus, because her company extended the promotion dates, they were able to attract the late shoppers. If you create super time-sensitive offers, you may end up missing the mark when it comes down to the last-minute shoppers.

It is smart to motivate customers by creating time-sensitive offers to buy products and create urgency. You can create a countdown timer to increase demand for specific products or services. Furthermore, you can also offer limited quantity offers. You can create urgency by exploiting limited quantity to your advantage. You can use text message marketing to help motivate shoppers to complete a purchase as soon as possible. By using messaging techniques such as “Limited quantity left for the holidays”or “Hurry up because this perfect gift is almost out-of-stock,” you create a sense of urgency within buyers who may not have been originally convinced they needed the product. To heighten this sense of urgency, you can add a ‘Stock Countdown’ message using the Countdown Cart. With this technique, buyers have the ability to see the quantity remaining of the product. And, even better for you is that Countdown Cart is FREE.




Although it is a brilliant marketing ploy to create super time-sensitive and product based offers, you should also extend your holiday promotions for the last minute and post-holiday shoppers. You can host a last minute sale of your unsold holiday items during peak events, such as Cyber Monday, a few days before Christmas, or shortly after the New Year. January is another opportunity to capitalize on holiday sales. By reigniting your holiday sales, you have the chance to receive traffic due to discount coupon redemptions, promotions, or holiday gift cards received during Christmas.

If you have excess holiday inventory, you can promote a holiday clearance sale by sending your holiday shoppers with a post-holiday newsletter, email, or brief but engaging text message. By using the tool MailBot, you can automatically send a highly targeted clearance campaign to your holiday shoppers.


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Social Media Holiday Contest

A very effective and easy way to employ last minute holiday marketing is by running a contest. The best way to receive success rates is to run the contest through social media platforms during a time of increased holiday traffic. This promotion will easily attract social media users. In fact, most social media users are motivated to visit and like a Facebook page if they can receive or win something in return. Not only are you continuing to engage with your existing followers, but by creating a promotional contest you will also be able to enhance your network and expand social engagement.

The main elements of a successful holiday contest include choosing the right prizes, making the contest shareable, and choosing the right tool to create the giveaway. You should offer a prize that is irresistible and relevant to your market. Strive to stay away from ordinary items and focus on desirable limited items. Remember to make your contests suitable for sharing with others and the public, whether it be by including links or easy to post photos. In order to execute your contest quickly, you can use Pagemodo’s contest app to create, manage, and track your Facebook contest and sweepstakes.

Help Your ‘Lazy’ Holiday Shoppers

For this holiday season’s  ‘lazy’ holiday shoppers, you can highlight how to save their time by offering them holiday gift and product guides via an email newsletter or on your website’s holiday landing page. Your guide should have shopping categories as headers. Each header should be short and simple, and should direct them to the matching category on your website’s landing page. For example, you could use headers such as price points, gifts for the family, gifts for colleagues, etc. By using Guidelines gift guide maker, you can help your online shoppers skip the painstaking process of gift hunting. This tool can help you create visually appealing gift guide pages with various holiday themes, to help de-stress and entice the ‘lazy’ shopper to purchase from your company.


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Ready for a Holly Jolly Christmas?

The holiday season is always an exciting time to be an online marketer and realize your brilliant Christmas marketing ideas! Between Christmas mobile marketing strategies, social media holiday contests, and helping your ‘lazy’ last-minute shoppers, you will definitely succeed in bringing traffic to your website this holiday season!