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Apr 29, 2019

SMS Marketing as the Best Marketing Method for Event Management

In this era of digitalization, event marketing has become especially difficult because you need to be very convincing to make people meet and talk in person. Attending an event means leaving your laptop and smartphone behind, and actually going somewhere to talk to people. People of the 21st century would prefer online communication over actual communication. The old-school marketing techniques, such as flyers and posters, may not be as relevant as they used to be decades ago. If you are organizing an event, such as a wedding, birthday, corporate or any other big celebration or event, you should consider using SMS marketing for event management. Bulk text messages can help event planners improve business activity and boost attendance rates. Keep reading to find out how you can effectively use SMS marketing for event management.

Develop a Relevant Contact Database  

The first step of event marketing with SMS is to build a good and relevant contact database. If you’re going to spend money on bulk text messages, you should be sure that you are sending your messages to relevant people. Otherwise, your efforts will be useless. There are several channels of contact collection. People don’t give up their phone numbers too easily, which is, in fact, a good thing. Those who provide you with their phone numbers are also the ones who are the most interested in your service. This helps to initially build a good contact database of people who are your target market.

Organize different events, approach people and encourage them to opt-in to your SMS services. Use social media platforms to engage people and offer them to sign-up to getting text messages from you about all the events that might interest them. Whatever channel you’re using, it’s crucial to clearly state what the person is signing up for. Potential subscribers must understand what to expect from you and they have to give explicit consent to receive these messages from you. So make sure to follow all the SMS marketing laws and regulations and build your contact database.

Conduct SMS Marketing via Automated Messages

Event marketing with SMS solves a lot of problems with the help of automated messages. Text messages are an instant communication method, which means that you can use bulk text messages for the following cases.

      • Reminders - use automated messages to send messages to your subscribers and remind them about the event they have signed up to attend.

      • Urgent updates - sometimes not everything can go smoothly as planned. However, finding out about the change at the last minute can be a headache for the customers. The urgency factor of bulk text messages comes handy for such cases. Use automated messages to send out notes to your subscribers and update them about the situation.

      • Ticket sales - when the date of an event gets closer, you can use the SMS portal to promote ticket sales. Automated messages are great because they can be done via a text schedule feature. Automated texts will be sent out to your subscribers about the upcoming event and, thereby, boost engagement and sales.

SMS marketing for event management

Create Custom SMS Campaigns for  Event Marketing

The main advantage of using SMS marketing for event management is that you can both create bulk text messages, as well as personalize your campaigns for a specific audience. So you’re not limited in your campaign creating process. With text marketing, you can create customized messages with special offers and send them out to your subscribers. Firstly, you need to segment your subscribers and put them into separate target groups according to their age, gender and previously attended events data (if available). This will help you send out automated event reminders to those target groups, who are the most interested in a specific event. For example, you don’t want to send a beauty event reminder to your male subscribers.

You can use the SMS channel to send people special discount codes. Personalize your SMS campaigns by treating your customers differently. When they sign-up to your contact list, send them a special promo code. This will be your way of telling them “thank you for opting-in”. Also, you might encourage a boost in sales of tickets for events that are not doing well. Send a special promotional discount code that is available to SMS subscribers only for that specific event and wait for the sales to boost.

Analyze SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing analyzing is crucial for the long-term success of your campaigns. When you create a specific campaign, you want it to bring more sales and increase the engagement rates. So it’s important to track the marketing efforts to understand which of your campaigns are effective and which should be either changed or disregarded. Trustworthy SMS marketing platforms usually have metrics to measure how your campaigns are working. So, SMS marketing analyzing process should not be a hard task if you’re working  on a relevant platform.

Retarget Campaigns with SMS

Gone are the days when you give up and put your hands down when your marketing campaign fails. With digitalization, the concept of retargeting was born to save all the bad and failed marketing campaigns. Retargeting, also called remarketing, is the process of identifying people who have been already introduced to your company and using a more subtle strategy to reach them out. The same idea applies to SMS campaigns. By analyzing your SMS campaigns, you will spot the ones that are not effective. However, you shouldn’t rush to eliminating them, but rather, you should consider retargeting them. The same campaign might work for one case, but be ineffective for all the other cases. So retargeting should be an important strategy of yours. Your main goal is to boost event attendance and improve engagement rates, so retarget your SMS campaigns to achieve this objective.

At Textedly, we offer you a free-demo for SMS marketing to try right now. If you’re an event planner who wants to boost the sales, then you need to start integrating SMS marketing to your current marketing plan to effectively improve your sales efforts.