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May 13, 2019

SMS Marketing for Cinemas and Theatres

The entertainment industry has long gone beyond using traditional marketing strategies such as magazines, radio ads, flyers and posters. The latter still remain in use but newer and much more effective tools are becoming popular due to the fast-paced development of the digital and online world.

One of these tools is SMS marketing which has by now managed to penetrate even into the entertainment industry. Due to being affordable and highly effective in its ability to reach and attract a wider audience, such entertainment places as cinemas and theatres could not pass by SMS marketing indifferently.


SMS Marketing General Facts

In the 21st century, you cannot grab the attention of too many people by simply running an ad about the movies or plays to be displayed at your venue on the radio or by distributing flyers. There are not many radio listeners nowadays, as for flyers, most of the time people throw them away or forget about having them. What actually doesn’t go unnoticed is a text message. People hardly ever leave home without their cellphones and tend to check them hundreds of times during the day.

Here are a few quick SMS marketing facts to prove its actual efficiency for all kinds of different businesses:

  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes.

  • Mass texting has an exceptional open rate of 98%.

  • It takes 90 seconds for an average person to respond to a text message.

What other marketing tool would you want to have if not text messaging - a combination of speed, productivity and affordability?

SMS and text message marketing for cinemas and theatres


How Can Entertainment Industry Benefit from SMS Marketing?

If you are an owner or a marketing manager at a cinema or theatre or any other relevant entertainment venue, it’s high time you start making use of SMS marketing for advertising your events in the best way. It goes without saying that by now many cinemas and theatres must be using text messages for the booking of tickets, but they don’t do the same for informing their customers about the upcoming movies or plays.There are many ways as to how you can take advantage of SMS marketing and boost both the sales and reputation of your business. Let’s have a look at some of the most important of them:

  • Mass Texting for Advertising Your Movies/Plays: Contact your loyal customers by sending them instant text messages and informing them about the upcoming movies or plays. You can even dive deeper into the matter and categorize your customers into groups according to their interests, this will help you send more relevant text messages and avoid annoying those who might not be interested say, in watching a comedy.

  • Use Quick Reminders: Remind your customers about the precise date and time of an upcoming movie or play. Considering the level of business and hastiness of our lives, your customers will surely appreciate such reminders. 

  • Customer Service Enhancement: Text messaging makes things easier not only for your cinema or theatre but also for your customers - this means that you are killing two birds with one stone by boosting your business and providing top-notch customer service. Here is how SMS marketing will contribute to the enhancement of your customer service: by means of text messaging tools it will be much easier for your customers to make use of shortcodes. The latter are meant for carrying out cinema booking requests, reservation confirmations, receiving automated responses, etc. 

  • More Motivation for Your Customers to Opt-in: One great thing about SMS marketing is the fact that it has taken the opting in and out process to the next level by making it utterly easy for your customers. All you need to do is encourage your customers to stay with you and subscribe to your text messaging campaigns. Grow the number of your customers via vouchers or offers advertised on the tickets. Keep in mind to use shortcodes or keywords for enhancing the opt-ins.

As it becomes obvious from the above-mentioned SMS marketing solutions, text messaging opens a door to a whole new stage in your marketing strategy. It offers you a wide selection of tools/campaigns for promoting your business and as a reward to your small investment, brings you high brand recognition and more customers.

Which Tips and Templates are Effective for Theatres and Cinemas?

To help you understand the essence of SMS marketing better and be able to make the most of it, we have collected a list of the main templates that you should use in order to benefit from text messages. As already mentioned, text messaging comes with a wide variety of ways and tools aimed at the growth of your business and you are free to choose the ones which meet the needs and demands of your cinema or theatre:

  • Promotion of Movies/Plays: An example of this can be as follows: “The Lion King is coming to cinemas on “date of the release”. Get a 10% discount by booking your tickets now/in the next 48 hours by using the following code.” For better results, you should personalize the text messages by including the name of each recipient. Easy as that!

  • Confirmation of a Booking: When a customer books a ticket, it’s always good to be responsive and show that you care about them by sending an instant text message about the confirmation of their booking. Include the reservation number, the date and time of the movie, the title of the movie as well as the seat details (number, row, etc.).

  • Discount Message: Inform your customers about any possible discounts or promotions. Send them a text message that contains such details as the discount code, the cinema/theatre name and the way the code should be used (e.g., the customer should show the code to the cinema/theatre clerk and the corresponding discount will be made).

  • Rewards for Loyal Customers: Here is another way to show your customers that you care about them. This is a way of surpassing your competitors and not losing your customers to them. Organize special discounts in the form of different rewards for loyalty. E.g., let a person watch a free movie/play at your venue provided they meet the condition of booking a ticket for 3 weeks in a row.

    Note: You can also send alerts to people who are close to getting a reward or a discount, this way you’ll encourage them to stick around with you longer.
  • Discounts on Sweets, Popcorn or Drinks: Send out text messages where you offer your customers discounts on their favourite food or drinks. People always go for the good deals and they surely won’t mind eating cheap popcorn while watching a good movie at a cinema.

Your customers don’t want much, provide them with a good deal, personalized communication and high-quality services and you will never feel a lack in your customer base. SMS marketing is one of the greatest ways to succeed in the above-noted points.

Don’t waste time on expensive and complex marketing tools, take your chance and use SMS marketing to boost the sales and reputation of your cinema or theatre. People have and will always appreciate good art, a major part of which are cinemas and theatres and the demand for them is still on a high level!


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