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How to Use the New Textedly Zapier Integration

Dec 29, 2020

We’re excited to announce our latest integration: Textedly and Zapier are together at last! If you want to make your Textedly campaigns even more efficient, using Zapier with Textedly is a great place to start.

Let’s learn more about Zapier and how integrating it with Textedly can streamline and enhance your SMS marketing campaigns.

What Does Zapier Do?

Zapier enables you to move information between apps automatically, streamlining recurring processes and tasks. Zapier connects your apps and automates workflows with triggers, making your marketing efforts seamless and lightning fast. 

These automated workflows, or Zaps, remove the busywork from your life — and with no coding! Zaps are performed in the blink of an eye, saving time and enabling you to focus on more complicated tasks. 

How Do Textedly and Zapier Work Together?

Zapier allows you to connect Textedly with over 2,000 apps instantly, automating your work and maximizing your productivity. Here’s a sample of some Zaps you could create with Textedly’s Zapier SMS integration to supercharge your mass text messaging and SMS marketing:

  • Relay incoming texts from Textedly to Slack.
  • Send new keyword subscribers in Textedly to HubSpot.
  • Create new contacts or leads in Salesforce when texts are received.
  • Create new users in Zendesk.
  • Add new Textedly keyword subscribers to Pipedrive.
  • Tag incoming texts to your Intercom users.
  • Send a welcome text to MailChimp email list subscribers.
  • Send SMS reminders for upcoming events on Google Calendar.
  • Text leads received from Facebook ads.
  • Generate Freshdesk contacts from new Textedly keyword subscribers.

Just click "Use This Zap" to get started with one of the Zaps below:

How to Master SMS Marketing With Zapier

The Zapier SMS integration can create searches, triggers and actions based on your marketing strategies to manage customer relationships and communicate with subscribers better. With Zapier’s connective programming and Textedly’s flexible communication applications, the possibilities are endless.

Zapier’s SMS integration takes text marketing a step further, combining the power of Textedly’s fast, convenient texting platform with a multitude of other apps. 

For example, you can create a Zap to trigger a text as soon as someone subscribes to your email list. Connecting your Textedly and Gmail accounts enables you to generate welcome responses and update your customer database in Google Sheets. You could also create automated text responses to customer surveys and send thank-you cards afterward.  

Integrate Zapier With Textedly Today

If you want to save time and make your life easier, combining Textedly with the power of Zapier is a no-brainer. Integration possibilities are endless, and your business workflows will never be the same.

Try our Zapier SMS integration and discover new productivity levels between your work management apps and your favorite SMS marketing platform.